What is the G-spot and Where Exactly is My G-spot?

What is the G-spot and Where Exactly is My G-spot?

Here’s a quick sexual history lesson. There was once a gynecologist by the name of Ernst Gräfenberg. After doing some serious research on the female anatomy, he discovered that there’s a place within a woman’s vagina that can significantly increase her chances of having an orgasm through intercourse and even experience female ejaculation (i.e., squirting). Because of his discovery—one that appears to be pretty accurate, if we do say so ourselves—this particular erogenous zone is called the G-spot.

Now that you know what the G-spot is, let’s get to the more pertinent question—where the heck is it?!

Where Is Your G-Spot?

You’ve probably heard about the G-spot before. What you may not know is both men and women have one. We’ll go with the ladies first.

As you’re embarking on the adventure to find your G-spot, fingering may be the best technique. Once you insert your (or your partner’s) finger, go about 1-2 inches into your vagina. Then gently stroke the vaginal wall that’s facing your belly button. If it feels like that part of your body (it’s around the size of a quarter) is getting firmer and the intensity of your arousal is increasing, congrats! You’ve probably hit the G-spot.
What is the G-spot and Where Exactly is My G-spot?

Just for the record, because your G-spot is super close to your urethra, don’t be surprised if it being stimulated makes you feel like you have to go to the restroom. Sometimes that is your body’s initial reaction; it’s perfectly normal and you probably won’t urinate. You’ll just feel like you need to.

As for how to find a G-spot in men, it’s better known as the P-spot with “P” standing for the prostate. It’s a little chestnut-sized bump that’s about two inches inside of a man’s rectum. If you gently insert your index finger into a man and massage that area while he’s aroused, not only will it cause him to have an orgasm quicker, his climax will be a lot (A LOT) more intense too.

Is a Finger the Only Way to Reach Your G-Spot?

Fingering is one of the most reliable ways to find your (or your partner’s) G-spot, but it’s not the only way. You can use sex toys or, if you’re a woman, you can get into certain sexual positions to get your “special spot” stimulated.

What is the G-spot and Where Exactly is My G-spot?

Some of the best ones are the cowgirl position (you’re riding on top), the cowboy position (the same thing as cowgirl except your partner is on top; he’s in the same position as you would be, though) and the pretzel dip (you’re lying on your side, your partner kneels in front of you, straddles one of your legs as you wrap the other around him). All of these sexual positions should help you to reach your G-spot for sure!

Oh, one more thing. If you want a little more reinforcement, place some pillows underneath your pelvis. It will make it easier for your partner to access your G-spot. The pillows will also make getting and staying in sexual positions a lot more comfortable for you.

If you don’t find your—or his—G-spot immediately, try not to stress. Simply look at it as the sexiest spin on Hide ‘n Seek you’ve ever played in your entire life…because it will be.

Happy hunting!