Types and Benefits of Dildos: The Precautionary Measures You Should Take

Types and Benefits of Dildos: The Precautionary Measures You Should Take

Sexual satisfaction is generally right up there when it comes to things that human beings crave. With the rising cases of sexually transmitted diseases (STD), people are increasingly preferring the use of sexual toys, particularly a dildo to achieve the much-desired sexual satisfaction.

While this is not entirely a bad move, you should be cautious when using these sex dildos. Always remember that these tools are entering deep into your body which can potentially expose you to infections. As such, you cannot afford to compromise on your safety even when you desperately need to satisfy your sexual urge.

Are Dildos the Same as Vibrators?

There is a slight difference between a dildo and a vibrator. A dildo is a do-it-yourself tool while the vibrator simulates vibration movements to enable you to achieve orgasm.

The dildos will solely depend on how you direct them which makes them more demanding and energy-draining than the vibrators. However, the fact that you’re the person controlling this tool makes it easy to use without affecting your comfort.

What Material is used in Making Dildo?

Types and Benefits of Dildos: The Precautionary Measures You Should Take

There are various materials that are used in making dildos. You should select the one that does not react negatively with your body. Some of the materials used include silicone, glass, ceramic, metal, TPR/TPE, real feel skin and PVC.

The safest dildos to use are those made of silicone, glass, ceramic or metal. When using any other dildo, you should proceed with caution. You should also be very careful with the materials you use in homemade dildos.

Types of Dildos

There are several types of dildos that you can use depending on your needs. These tools differ in their size and shapes to ensure that you get that which will give you the desired pleasure. Other types of dildos include:

  • Vaginal dildo – These are dildos that are specially designed for use in the vagina. They are smooth to ensure that they do not cause bruises which would lead to more problems.
  • Anal dildos – You should be very careful when selecting your anal dildo. The region is highly sensitive, and it’s not designed to accommodate large size dildos especially when you’re not used to it. Ensure that you choose a size that you’ll comfortably accommodate lest you cause complications. It’s also paramount to note that the anal opening has highly sensitive tissues that can easily be ruptured. In case there is a wound around the region, it will take longer to heal due to the high number of microorganisms. Possible infections can lead to undesirable health complications.

How do I Choose a Dildo?

Remember that dildo does not have its own motion, it’s all about what you do with it. Therefore, you should take your time and choose the ideal dildo, so that it gives you the opportunity to achieve maximum pleasure.

Choosing the right dildo is the first crucial step in achieving sexual fulfillment. If you choose one that’s too large, you’ll have a problem handling it. This will result in reduced pleasure, increased pain and eventual health complications.

Types and Benefits of Dildos: The Precautionary Measures You Should Take

If it’s too small, then it will also not offer you the joy that you’re desperately looking for.

Here are a few tips that you should always keep in mind when buying a dildo:

Never Ignore the Color – Buying a dildo of your favorite color will turn you on and increase the pleasure.

Choose the Right Size – If you aren’t sure, you should understand your size, where you plan to put it and how comfortable you want to feel. Based on all of those factors, you can come to an educated choice.

Pick the Ideal Shape – The shape of your dildo is never to be ignored. It’ll determine how quickly you achieve sexual satisfaction. Some dildos are very life-like and are designed to nearly perfectly emulate the shape and texture of an actual penis.

Others are designed as tapered rods so that they can be easily inserted and thrust in and out of an orifice. Each person’s desires are unique, so you should investigate what works for you from a comfort standpoint as well as what brings you the most pleasure.

For beginners, we recommend starting out slow with small dildos until you work your way up to a toy which increases the level of stimulus you feel, without testing your body’s physical limitations.

Should I Use a Lubricant When Using Dildo?

Types and Benefits of Dildos: The Precautionary Measures You Should Take

Before penetration, it is always advisable that you use a personal lubricant to prevent too much friction, which could tear your skin. It’s recommended that you go for water-based lubricants.

Also, you should always check the material used in making your dildo. If it’s made from silicone, you should not use silicone-based lubricants.

How to Use a Dildo

Using a dildo is simple. First, you should ensure that your dildo is clean. When you finish with it, you should always clean it, dry it, and then store it in a dust-free place. If you fail to exercise the required hygiene levels, you’re likely to get infections which could lead to severe complications.

Once you’re sure that your dildo is clean, it’s time to psychologically prepare yourself for the sexcapade. Apply the lubricant uniformly until you’re convinced that it’ll slide in without much hassle. If you’re using the dildo for anal, you should frequently lubricate.