What Not to Do During Sex, According to Ancient Arabian Culture

What Not to Do During Sex, According to Ancient Arabian Culture

Being a mostly conservative society, there are a lot of sexual taboos in ancient and even modern day Arabian societies. There are strict rules against sexual habits like premarital sex, homosexuality, masturbation, abortion and so on.

However, apart from these, there were also simpler rules about how sex is meant to be and what was to be avoided during, before or after the act of lovemaking. This isn’t strange in any way since every society has its own rules about these things. Most of these rules are health motivated, but they are also meant to improve the quality of intercourse and intimacy of the partners.

Of course, not all of these rules are valid today and some of them are even completely inaccurate, even if we cannot say that they are completely unfounded. Here are 5 popular don’ts, in Ancient Arabian society, about sex as recorded in the book “The Perfumed Garden.”

Do not let a woman mount up on you during intercourse

Now, this is indeed a very strange rule. But more strange is the reason given for this.

It was believed that taking a position where a man lies down and a woman mounts up on him might cause some drops of her seminal fluid to enter into the canal of the man’s penis which may have an adverse health effect.  

What Not to Do During Sex, According to Ancient Arabian Culture

Of course, we know this fact isn’t valid and so is the reason given for it. It won’t be a surprise if this rule was only made up to discourage a position where a woman assumes a “superior” position. However, it is also possible that there were legitimate concerns back in the day. Either way, the health implications and the cause mentioned are both not the case today.

Do not drink rainwater immediately after sex

A man is not expected to drink rainwater immediately after intercourse as doing so is believed to weaken the kidney. It is impossible to say whether this rule refers to drinking water generally or specifically to drinking rainwater. But either way, we know today that drinking water immediately after sex is not in any way harmful. In fact, if anything it is recommended as it may potentially reduce muscle cramps, prevent dehydration, and detox the body among other benefits.

A logical reason for this rule coming up in ancient Arabian culture might be to discourage men from getting up from their woman’s side right after sex.

Avoid washing your penis immediately after sexual intercourse

This is another bizarre rule that isn’t exactly accurate. It seems in ancient Arabian tradition, one of the rules included waiting for a while after having sex before washing off one’s penis. The author recommends that one lets the “irritation” wear off before doing so.

Although it is unclear what type of irritation is being referred to here, we know for a fact that this rule isn’t valid either. In fact, to reduce the risk of infections, washing off immediately after sex is recommended for both males and females.

Avoid during rigorous work immediately after intercourse

What Not to Do During Sex, According to Ancient Arabian Culture

It is believed that doing rigorous work right after intercourse might adversely affect one’s health. Instead, it is recommended that you take a break and rest for a while.

This rule holds true today to an extent. Although working immediately after sex isn’t always harmful, resting for a while immediately after intercourse is a good idea. For one, that’s exactly what your body wants to do as hormones released during orgasm naturally triggers sleep and you might feel a little worn out. Giving in and sleeping for a while especially after a sex romp will help you regain your strength and refresh yourself.

Do not load up yourself with food before sex

Overeating, especially right before sex, was believed to be the cause of apoplexy and spout. It is also believed to lead to weak eyesight as well as an inability to urinate. While it is unlikely that the implications associated with it are valid, overeating right before any rigorous activity including sex isn’t recommended.

Not only can it affect your body adversely, but it can also potentially reduce your sexual performance and stamina as well.