Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

Sex Marks (otherwise called love bites or hickeys) are bruises, scratches or abrasion marks left on a person’s body after sex. During intense lovemaking, it is possible that one partner presses, sucks or scratches the body of the other party whether by accident or intentionally. Generally, people have varying opinions about the subject of sex marks.

Some people simply enjoy having certain erogenous zones in their body kissed passionately and in the process of getting pleasured this way end up with a hickey or some other forms of sex marks. Some others find such sex marks widely inappropriate in certain social settings.

People are most times uncomfortable with having a hickey especially in obviously visible places like the neck. While some would wear the mark proudly, a hickey could mean trouble for some and they want to hide it at all costs. For instance, a hickey isn’t something a cheating partner would want you to see.

But no matter your opinion about hickeys, it had a place in ancient Hindu tradition. In fact, hickeys have an interesting place in ancient Indian culture. Showing up with a hickey to work these days can be quite embarrassing, but it definitely wasn’t thousands of years ago in ancient India.

In fact, according to the Kama Sutra, where hickeys were nicknamed jewels or corals, they are generally considered something to be proud of. Back in those days, a love bite would mostly elicit respect and not the weird look you would most likely get from an employee if you were to show up with one to work these days. Here are some facts you might find interesting about hickeys as explained in the Kama Sutra.

They are intentionally made by a partner

Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

As a testimony to how relevant the subject was back in the day, the Kama Sutra mentions it and even gives instructions on how to give a partner one. In fact, for something considered only superficial and mostly accidental today, the Kama Sutra went into vivid details on different types of hickeys and how to give them.  

This suggested that leaving a hickey on a partner back then was mostly an intentional act.

There are different types

Today, a hickey is mostly nothing more than an annoying red patch on the neck. But back in ancient India, there were different types of hickeys depending on how they were made. They even had names for each type.

Not just the mouth

When we think of a Hickey today, we mostly consider it as a mark left by the lips. But this wasn’t always the case. Ancient Hindi culture recognized the possibility of leaving marks on a partner’s body using one’s mouth or better put, one’s teeth. But such marks could also be caused by pressing or scratching the body with the nails.

Hickeys targeted erogenous zones

Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

There is a reason why hickeys don’t just show up on random places like your legs. This is mostly because you rarely get kissed in those places. But it could also be because you are less likely to get a hickey from that place since the blood vessels are farther from the surface of the skin.

Hickeys today, and in ancient past, targeted specific erogenous zones of the body. This includes the armpit area, the breast, the lips, thighs, middle part of the body and more popularly on the neck.

First, this could be because you were more likely to enjoy being kissed in those places than in other parts of your body. But it could also be because you are more likely to have a hickey in those places than in other parts of your body.

It’s not for everyone

Today, you should probably not get a hickey if you have been messing around with a partner secretly or if you will be working in customer service the next morning. In Ancient India, hickeys weren’t for everyone too. There were restrictions as to who you should allow leaving a hickey on your body.

Generally speaking, if you had bad teeth you are not allowed to leave a hickey on someone. This would generally mean someone with teeth defects, or with blunt teeth, rough teeth or teeth that isn’t properly set in the gums. While this was mostly because forming perfectly shaped hickeys was important, it could also be a means to protect the person trying to give the hickey too. Since those with soft or loosely set teeth were disallowed too.

Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

Also, certain marks were not allowed for some groups of people. For example, some types of nail marks should not be made on women who are married. There were specific kinds of marks for such people and it should be made on their private parts as they serve as love reminders.  

They had sentimental meanings

While the Kama Sutra recognized the fact that marks could be accidentally left on a partner’s body in the heat of passionate sex, it could also be done deliberately. In such cases it would have specific meanings.

For example, one could leave marks on a partner during a first time visit, or return for a long journey or while setting out on one. It could also be during makeup sex after a fight. But it could also be because either or both of them were drunk. Hickeys could also be left intentionally on a partner as a sign of love and for the purpose of keeping a partner in mind.

This is probably why they were and are still called love marks today.

A Hickey could earn you respect

Today a hickey would probably earn you snigger looks from your colleagues at work, but back in ancient India, this wasn’t the case. They were most likely red, big and bold. They were so obvious that a stranger or pretty much anybody else would see it from a distance and be filled with respect for the person bearing it.


Hickeys and Why They Were Cool in Ancient India

Today, because a hickey is an obvious sign that you were getting frisky the night before, (which isn’t something you always want everyone to know) it has become something people want to hide rather than proudly display. But there was a time this wasn’t the case.

This suggests that sometimes, individual sexual behavior is mostly subject to the prevalent situation in the society. In any case, everyone should learn to embrace and enjoy their personal sexual fantasies even if not everyone thinks it is absolutely okay. So if you enjoy being passionately kissed in certain parts of your body and you don’t mind getting a hickey, you should totally go for it.