Explore the Ancient Rules About Mouth Action aka Oral Sex

Explore the Ancient Rules About Mouth Action aka Oral Sex

If it was told that mouth action or oral sex is an ancient tradition and not a recent invention, you’d probably doubt it. Most people would expect that the ancient way of sexual intercourse is the good old missionary.


Those who study ancient texts know better, and it shouldn’t come as a shock if we realize that a lot of sex positions and acts of pleasure have existed long before now. The same rule applies to oral sex, which has been around for quite a while and as some verses of the Kama Sutra suggest was part of life long ago. Of course, there are variations from what we know today in terms of how it is practiced.

Ancient Hindu tradition and beliefs regarding oral sex

Natively referred to as Auparishtaka, mouth congress as it was referred to back then, was a bit of a controversial subject among the Hindus. This is because while some groups and tribes accepted and freely practiced it, others did so with restrictions. Some even rejected it altogether.

Many of the respected authors of that time (otherwise referred to as Acharyas) regarded oral sex as too demeaning for a man; a low practice meant only for dogs. It was also believed to be against the orders of the Holy writ and there were valid medical concerns about the safety and health of a man on whose penis mouth action was being performed.

Explore the Ancient Rules About Mouth Action aka Oral Sex

However, others like Vatsyayana, the writer of the Kama Sutra, argued that the orders of the Holy Writ does not apply to relations with courtesans and only applies to intercourse with married women. And he wasn’t the only one of this opinion. The prevalent perception was that Auparishtaka should only be practiced with unchaste women, female attendants or serving maids.

There were also tribe specific restrictions too. The people of Eastern India for example, didn’t have sexual relations with women who practice the Auparishtaka. There were also tribes like the Ahichhatra who would still have sex with such women, but didn’t practice the act themselves.

The people of Saketa, on the other hand, were more liberal. They not only had sex with women who had oral sex, but also freely engaged in mouth action too.

The Shurasena tribe also freely practiced the act with women, but not because they accepted it as normal. Instead it was based on the belief that women were naturally unclean thus a man can do anything and everything as far as sex is concerned without hesitation. With them, it was more like “why break just one rule, when you can break it all.”

However, according to Vatsyayana, as far as mouth congress was concerned, every man had the freedom to act based on the custom of his country and personal preferences.

Explore the Ancient Rules About Mouth Action aka Oral Sex

As you might have noticed, even the most liberal tribes of this era still perceived mouth action as an act to be performed exclusively on a man and not the other way round. But that is not the most surprising fact about mouth action as recorded in the Kama Sutra.

It might shock you to know that during this ancient period, some men practiced mouth action as well — on other men. They were referred to as eunuchs and there were two types of them. There were cross-dressers, who disguised and acted like females and there were others who although did not cross-dress still enjoyed the act of giving mouth action to other men and even made their livelihood from doing so.

Kama Sutra, oral sex rules

The Kama Sutra also spared a detailed description of how to correctly administer mouth action on a man for optimum pleasure. Here are the eight steps to be performed in succession.

  • The nominal congress: when the man’s penis is held by the person performing the act and he/she moves his mouth about this is referred to as ‘nominal congress’
  • Biting the sides: here the head of the penis is covered with the fingers collected together similar to a flower bud. Then its side is pressed to the lips and teeth of the person giving it.
  • Pressing outside: when he/she presses the end of the penis with the lips closed together and kisses it like it was being drawn out, then it is called outside pressing.
  • Pressing inside: If the person who is being sucked wills the giver to go on, the penis is pushed further into the mouth. Then the lips are pressed on it before it is taken out again. This is called pressing inside or inside pressing.
  • Kissing: here the head of the penis is kissed similar to kissing the lower lip.
  • Rubbing: this involves rubbing the penis with the tongue from the tip to the end.
  • Sucking a mango fruit: here the giver puts half of the penis into his/her mouth and kisses or sucks it forcibly.
  • Swallowing up: this, as the name implies, involves engulfing the whole penis with the mouth to the very end.


Today, oral sex has become an integral part of sexual relations and thankfully not restricted to the male gender alone. In fact, it has been discovered that a woman is more likely to reach an orgasm during oral sex than penetrative sex. This has further increased the popularity of mouth action for both partners.

Oral sex isn’t a new invention and has only become popular today because it is just one of the many effective ways to explore your sexuality and find sweet old pleasure.