What is squirting? Why do I never experience it?

What is squirting? Why do I never experience it?

Squirting is basically the slang term for female ejaculation. And just what is that? Female ejaculation is what can happen (not always, but sometimes) when a woman’s G-spot is stimulated, swells up and releases fluid through her urethra.

What Happens When a Woman Squirts?

Although the feeling can vary a bit from person to person, when women are about to squirt, most explain the sensation to feeling like they have to pee followed by an orgasmic release. The type of fluid that projects out can either be white and milky or watery and sticky. The amount that she releases can range from a teaspoon to a full cup.

As far as what’s literally in the ejaculate, scientists and medical professionals seem to never be able to get on the same page. It’s usually a mixture of urine and something called prostatic-specific antigen (PSA) which is a type of enzyme.

In men, PSA is produced by their prostate gland; it’s what helps their sperm to swim. In women, PSA comes out of their Skene glands; they are glands that are located on the anterior wall of the vagina.

I’ve Never Squirted Before. Why Is That?

What is squirting? Why do I never experience it?

If you’ve yet to experience your first time squirting, that’s nothing to feel bad or anxious about. Although medical professionals also can’t seem to agree on if it’s something all women are capable of doing (or not), what we can say is far more women will vouch for the fact that they haven’t experienced female ejaculation than have.

That’s not to say there aren’t sex therapists who believe that if a woman can’t, it’s more her partner’s “fault” than her own. In other words, some believe that if your partner finds your G-spot (which is located on the vaginal wall that faces closest to your belly button; they can usually find it by inserting their index finger into your vagina and gently moving it back and forth) and stimulates it often enough, eventually squirting will happen. Others say that it’s more like a crap shoot, but you can still have a lot of fun trying.

Bottom line, if you haven’t experienced female squirting yet, while it’s something to put on your bucket list, try not to put too much pressure on yourself or your partner to make it happen. Instead, try and look at good sex as “the cake” and female ejaculation as, well, the icing (so to speak).