Is Female Ejaculation Real?

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

Do girls ejaculate? While it probably wasn’t the kind of question you were bold enough to ask in sex class, chances are you’ve quietly wondered about it or talked it over with some of your girlfriends. Shoot, you might’ve even experienced an orgasm that was so earth-shattering that some extra fluid shot out and you were like “Wow…so is this what squirting is?!”

Could be. Let’s break it all down a bit, just so you can be sure.

What Exactly Is Female Ejaculation?

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

When a guy has sex and he’s at the point of having an orgasm, he ejaculates sperm (or just semen if he’s had a vasectomy). On the flip side, although a woman doesn’t have to “ejaculate” when she has an orgasm, reportedly somewhere around 40 percent of women actually do. It’s what happens when she’s at the point of climaxing and fluid shoots out of her urethra.

So, if close to half of all women are doing it, clearly female ejaculation during sex is real. Very.

What exactly is the fluid that comes out? Yeah. It gets a little cryptic there. While some medical professionals say that it’s mostly urine, others claim that it’s a combo of urine, acid phosphatase and other (harmless) stuff that they’re not quite sure of.

How Can You Achieve Female Ejaculation?

Is Female Ejaculation Real?

What about the 60 percent of women who’ve never experienced female ejaculation before? Is it possible to “make” one happen? While there are no guarantees, what we will say is if you’re a woman who wants to have one, get your partner to focus more on your G-spot (it’s around an inch inside of your vaginal opening, on the vaginal wall closest to your belly button).

When it gets stimulated and swells up, that’s what usually gets the fluid to shoot/gush/squirt out.

Again, we can’t promise it’ll happen, but at least now you know female ejaculation is real and possible.

And, just think of all the fun you can have while trying to make one happen to you!