I’m a Guy and my Sex Lasts Only for Five Minutes. Is that OK?

I’m a Guy and my Sex Lasts Only for Five Minutes. Is that OK?

First up, let us say that we commend you for having the courage to even ask a question like this. Between porn videos and whatever you and your guy friends discuss (oh, and the songs that talk about making love to a woman all night long), you might be thinking that sex lasts for hours on end, when that’s more fiction than fact.

How Long Does Sex Last?

The truth of the matter is if you’re ejaculating after five minutes of penetration, you’re far more “normal” than you might think. Why do we say that? Because the average sex time for a man is five minutes while the average time for sex for a woman before she climaxes is 20 minutes.

That’s not to say that your goal should be no more than five minutes because, after all, if you want your (female) partner to enjoy sex too, clearly you need to find a way to last longer. Luckily, there are several things that you can do to make that happen.

How to Extend Your Average Sex Time (If You’re a Man)

I’m a Guy and my Sex Lasts Only for Five Minutes. Is that OK?

If you want to last longer in bed, like most things in life, practice makes perfect. But here are some of the proven “tricks” that you can try.

Have more foreplay: Foreplay is fun, it encourages sexual creativity and here’s the real clincher — women usually need longer than men to get stimulated. The more time you spend kissing and fondling your partner, the closer she’ll be to having an orgasm once intercourse begins! In other words, if you devote 15 minutes to foreplay, you both may climax in five minutes or less after penetration (wink).

Practice starting and stopping: Good sex isn’t just about the destination; it’s about the journey too. If your partner has been complaining about your average length of sex, something else that you can do is pull out right before you feel as if you’re going to ejaculate. The first few times, it might feel a little torturous, but as you get used to doing it, it will build up stamina and actually intensify your orgasms once you have them.

Wear a thicker condom: Stimulation-wise, it’s a good thing that a lot of condoms are thinner these days. But if you’d rather last longer than feel more sensations (at least until you build your stamina up), something else that you can do is put a thicker condom on.

I’m a Guy and my Sex Lasts Only for Five Minutes. Is that OK?

Switch up sex positions: Believe it or not, there are certain sexual positions that can help you to maintain your erection longer too. Spooning works because it allows for more “shallow” penetration (the less stimulated you are, the longer you will last). Cowgirl (the girl on top) is effective because the woman has better control and can “hop off” if you’re getting close to climaxing. Both of you sitting and facing one another does allow for deep penetration, but it also keeps you from thrusting too much or too fast.

Do more talking: We know. This is probably your least favorite tip, but your partner will like it because you’ll be using sex as a time to not just “get off” but to emotionally-connect as well. That will help to distract you from having quick erections and will also make you last longer (a few more minutes, at least!). Just try it. Both sexually as well as emotionally, we’re thinking that you just might like it!