I am Female and I am Having Ejaculations. Is it Normal to Squirt?

I am Female and I am Having Ejaculations. Is it Normal to Squirt?

Ah, squirting or female ejaculation is your thing during sex. Before you get all uncomfortable at the thought, don’t. According to a particular on the topic, 72 percent of women either don’t experience female ejaculation regularly or they never have at all. But here’s the thing — an overwhelming amount of those women wish that they did.

Why? It’s simple, really. When some women’s G-spot is stimulated, it can cause her urethra to fill up with fluid. When she has an orgasm, sometimes a white milky liquid comes “shoots” out. And that? That would be what many call “squirting” or “female ejaculation”. Some women release a teaspoonful, others closer to a cup. It’s perfectly normal and a lot of male partners totally dig it.

Are Squirting and Female Ejaculation One in the Same?

I am Female and I am Having Ejaculations. Is it Normal to Squirt?

That said, here’s a little something to ponder. Although a lot of medical professionals and sex therapists believe that squirting and female ejaculation are synonymous with one another, there are some experts who don’t.

Some believe that while female ejaculation is fluid that comes from the urethra, they also feel that squirting is water (and sometimes urine) that comes directly out of the bladder during sexual stimulation or climaxing. They think you can tell the difference between the two because when it’s actual squirting, the fluid is clearer and sweeter-tasting; there also tends to be a lot more of it too.

Why do these individuals think that a lot of people get squirting and female ejaculation confused? Because the vagina and urethra are extremely close together. Plus, the nerve endings in the two are very much the same (so they provide similar kinds of stimulation).

But, either way, if what is happening to you is either of the things that we just described, you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

Just sit back and enjoy the fun. Because a lot of women are quietly wishing they could do the same (wink).