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If your vagina is a little more loose than before, it is nothing to be worried about

What Can I Do to Make My Loose Vagina Tighter?

If there’s one thing that concerns a lot of women it’s vaginal tightening. Are there ways to make your "loose" vagina tighter? Should that be a concern?
A young couple's happiness doesn't need to be taken away if one of them happens to have a latex condom allergy

How Can I Know if I’m Allergic to Condoms?

It’s not something that comes up very often, but a condom allergy is a real thing. Here’s how to know if you have one, particularly of the latex condom kind
Sex talk is never easy, but necessary

How and When Should I Talk to My Kids About Sex?

It’s the kind of question every parent has to ask themselves at some point—“When is the right time to talk about sex with my kids and how to do it?”
Birth control pills can lead to an increase in appetite

Do Birth Control Pills Make You Gain Weight?

Although birth control pill are one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy, the downside is it could cause weight gain too
peeing after sex will help in getting rid of a few unnecessary fluids, especially in women

Should I pee after sex for health reasons?

You probably heard (somewhere) that it’s a good idea to pee after sex. But is it something that’s truly beneficial or just an old wives’ tale?
Female ejaculation or squirting is not that common among women

What is squirting? Why do I never experience it?

Female ejaculation or squirting is something that’s becoming more and more of a hot topic. But what is it and why haven’t you had it happen to you yet?