How Obesity Affects Your Sexual Health

How Obesity Affects Your Sexual Health

Obesity is one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexual health issues. Most of the overweight men are likely to suffer through sexual dissatisfaction, which can potentially destroy their relationships.

If you’re obese and you’ve experienced first-hand the effects of this problem, then it is high time that you instituted measures to reduce your weight. Read on and learn efficient tips that you can use to turnaround your sexual life.

What is Obesity?

While one of the signs of obesity is being overweight, you should note that not all overweight individuals are obese. The only method that you can use to determine whether you’re obese is by calculating your Body Mass Index (BMI)

BMI =Weight in kilograms ÷ Height in Meters squared

To obtain accurate figures, ensure that you adhere to this formula strictly (never forget to square the height before division). Also, you should take care to only use the provided units of measurements.

An individual is considered obese only when they weigh more than 20% of the recommended weight.

But how will you know this? Well, it’s pretty simple.

An Ideal weight should yield a BMI of between 18.5 and 24.9 to be considered healthy. If it goes below 18.5, then you are underweight. If the BMI readings go beyond 30, then you are obese. However, you will be safe if the BMI is between 25 and 29.9, but you’re considered overweight.

How Does Obesity Affect Sexual Health?

How Obesity Affects Your Sexual Health

A man’s sexual gratification primarily depends on his penile erection ability. If any condition deters this crucial physiological function of the penile muscle, then the man will suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Obesity and sexual health are related. It is one of the factors that can interfere with the functioning of erectile muscle which will consequently lead to erectile dysfunction.

But how does this happen?

Well, obesity affects sexual health as it affects the circulatory system due to increased efforts required to supply blood to the entire body. This coupled with excessive weight, puts tremendous pressure on the blood vessels which can lead to rupturing. This explains why such individuals are also at a heightened risk to acquire hypertension and diabetes.

Additionally, obese individuals have a significantly high risk of developing cholesterol plaques in their blood vessels which significantly affects the blood supply to crucial body organs. When this happens, the vessels that supply the blood to the penile muscle receives significantly reduced amounts which result in erectile dysfunction.

Also, overweight individuals suffer from increased inflammation which causes the release of free radicals. These radicals lead to oxidative mechanisms which consequently result in a reduced capability of the man to rise to the occasion when together with the partner.

The final cause of reduced sex drive among obese individuals is the decrease in testosterone hormone. This hormone is responsible for giving the man all his masculine features and its reduction will significantly affect the sex drive.

Do All Overweight People Have Poor Sexual Health?

How Obesity Affects Your Sexual Health

No! Not everyone who is obese will experience sexual difficulties. However, being overweight increases your chance of having erectile dysfunction and overall poor sexual health.

Remember that sex performance is largely influenced by the psychological and mental well-being of both the partners. As such, it is necessary that you do not use the subject of weight to hurt your self-esteem and confidence to perform well in bed. In most cases, overweight men fail to perform due to inferiority complex associated with their weight.

Unless you’re sure that you have a problem with your sexual health, you should never assume. Just because you’re overweight does not automatically mean that you will not satisfy your partner sexually.  

What Can I Do to Cure Obesity?

The surest way to reduce get obesity out of the way and having your sexual health fully restored is by adopting a healthier diet. You should ensure that you cut down on high calorie food and concentrate on vegetables and fruits. Also, avoid eating too many unsaturated fats which contain bad cholesterol, thus staining your vessels.

As you continue with this diet, it is crucial that you talk to your nutritionist to determine the amounts of servings you will take to improve your sexual function.

Never skip meals with the hope of losing weight. It will not work!

That will only starve your cells which will create more problems for you. The ultimate solution to your problem lies in eating a healthy diet all the time.

Will I Regain My Sexual Health Immediately After Losing Weight?

How Obesity Affects Your Sexual Health

Well, you might be eager to know the answer to this question, but….

There is not a definite answer.

The recovery after losing weight will depend on several factors including:

Finding the Primary Cause of the Problem: The fact that it is possible that normal people can suffer the same sexual dysfunctions as overweight individuals demonstrate that high weight can be an element of the problem.

If you realize that you’ve achieved the kicked off obesity and achieved the ideal weight yet your sexual health problems are not resolved, you should consider visiting your doctor for guidance.

The Magnitude of the Damage: As we’ve already discussed, it is possible for plaques to damage blood vessels that supply blood to the penis. If this happens, you’ll require plenty of time to restore full functionality of the vessels.

During the recovery phase, your penile muscles will not erect. As such, you may need to be a bit patient and wait for the results.