Ways Menopause Affects a Woman’s Sex Drive

Ways Menopause Affects a Woman’s Sex Drive

What exactly is menopause? The very simple answer is it’s the phase a woman goes through right before her menstrual cycles cease, although what a lot of people don’t know is it officially starts 12 months after a woman’s last period.

What are some menopause symptoms that are directly associated with this stage? Due to the dramatic shifts of hormones in a woman’s body, they can range from sleep disorders and weight gain to hot flashes and mood swings. But probably one of the hardest symptoms to adjust to is a loss of sexual desire.

Luckily, there are estrogen supplements and treatments that work to bring balance to a lot of women’s bodies. But if you’re in your 40s or 50s, you haven’t been formally diagnosed with menopause, but you know for a fact that your sex life isn’t quite the same, here are some signs that menopause may just be the (underlying) cause.

Here Are Five Menopause Symptoms That Are Directly Connected to a Woman’s Libido

You’re not in the mood as much

Ways Menopause Affects a Woman’s Sex Drive

It’s very common for there to be a low sex drive in women who are going through menopause. That’s because they tend to have less estrogen (and progesterone and testosterone) in their system than their used to; when sex hormones are low, it can have a direct impact on one’s sex drive. As we’ve already shared, there are treatments that are available to help to level hormones out. There are also foods that contain estrogen in them. Some of them include flaxseeds, dry fruit and even red wine.

You’re drier

Another indication that menopause has kicked in is you may not produce as much natural lubrication as before. That can definitely suck, but thankfully, there are lots of lubes on the market that can help restore what’s been lost. You can even make some of your own.

Sex can be painful

When you’re not “wet”, sex can be really uncomfortable, if not flat-out painful. Aside from the lube, it might help to get into positions that can make penetration easier. Some of those include missionary, doggy style (with a pillow) and the hook (you on your back with your legs “hooked” around his neck).

You may be too tired

Ways Menopause Affects a Woman’s Sex Drive

Something else that hormonal shifts tend to do is cause hot flashes, night sweats and even fatigue. Typically, the fatigue is directly related to having bouts of insomnia. If you haven’t been catching z-z-z’s for a few weeks now, see your doctor. Long-term sleep deprivation will only make your menopause symptoms worse over time.

You’ll probably have to switch up your sex routine

As your body’s adjusting to your new normal, you may need to switch up your sex routine too. Get mentally in the mood more by planning dates; even sex dates at local hotels or in cities a couple of hours away. If you’re dealing with sleep deprivation, try and have sex during the time of day when you’ve got more energy; for instance, if you don’t get much sleep at night, avoid morning sex and try to have it before turning in.

Ways Menopause Affects a Woman’s Sex Drive

Get creative with foreplay by engaging in couple’s massages so that you can extend the time for kissing and touching. Buy new lingerie if menopause has resulted in you having some level of body image issues. Encourage your partner to get educated on the changes a woman goes through during menopause; his patience, understanding and empathy will be the ultimate aphrodisiac during this time.

Menopause doesn’t have to cause your sex life to be a thing of the past. So long as you know what to expect and are committed to staying sexually-active regardless, you can still love having sex. We’re confident of that.