Important Info You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

Important Info You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

When it comes to sex, it’s not usually a topic that comes up easily in a conversation with your parents or teachers. Even when it does, it’s usually the most awkward conversation anyone can have. As a result, we turn to our friends and the internet for our sex education.

If your friends are sexually active, they have experience, but that doesn’t mean they have the answers to everything. It’s time to learn the 7 must-know sex education tips you didn’t get in school. The next time you’re having sex, these tips will help you out.

The ‘Right Time’ to Have Sex is Subjective

The average age when girls and boys start having intercourse is around your middle to late teens. But that doesn’t mean you need to have sex at that age. When it comes to being “ready,” it’s extremely subjective. You may feel comfortable having intercourse at a later age, and that’s perfectly fine.

What’s important is before having intercourse, you understand the risks of pregnancy and the importance of using protection. Whenever you feel you’re ready, that’s when you’re ready. Everyone is different when it comes to sex.

Sex Doesn’t Reflect Who You are as a Person

Important Info You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

When you have intercourse for the first time, it may not be what you expected. In reality, it probably won’t be like anything you expected. It can feel awkward and physically uncomfortable, you’re also battling nerves as well.

What’s important is understanding sex doesn’t define you as a person. If you have an unpleasant sexual experience or have sex at a later age, this doesn’t reflect who you are as a person.

There are Many Types of Birth Control Options

When it comes to sex, you need to educate yourself about protection. In school, you may have been told about condoms or using birth control, but there are tons of different birth control options. For example, for women, there’s the birth control vaginal ring, IUD, shots, and implants. There are also internal or female condoms, sponges, and spermicide. You probably didn’t know about most of them, and that’s okay. Now, you do. Make sure you chose a birth control option that suits you before having sex and talk to your partner using protection.

Get to Know Your Body

Important Info You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

Spend time Googling the male and female anatomy, understand where everything is and what it’s used for. Take the time also to understand your own anatomy. If you’re a woman, take a mirror and explore your vagina. If you’re a man, get to know your penis and testicles. Spend time masturbating and getting to know what feels right for you. By understanding your body and your partner’s body, the sex will be more comfortable.

Everybody has a Different Body

When it comes to the human body, we’re not all built the same way. In Hollywood movies, everyone seems to have the perfect body, conveniently have perfect C-cup breasts and look like a sex symbol. But in reality, that’s not the case. All vaginas, penises, breasts and bums are different. There are larger penises, smaller penises, vaginas with longer clits and breasts with large areoles.

There’s no reason to feel ashamed or judge others; these are the bodies we are all given.

Having an Orgasm isn’t as Easy as You Think

Many women are frustrated when having intercourse for the first time. They all expect to have an orgasm, and for men, that’s a lot of pressure. In reality, it can take months, even years until a woman achieves an orgasm.

Sex isn’t like Hollywood movies. It takes practice to understand how sex works and how your body responds to sex. You should be focusing on becoming comfortable with your body and sharing this experience with your partner. The orgasm will come in time.

If Your Partner has had Sex Before, They Need to be Tested

Important Info You Didn’t Learn in Sex Ed

Sex is a fun activity, but not one that should leave you with an STI or STD. If you’re going to be having sex, you should get yourself tested. Even though you haven’t had sex yet, it’s important to see your doctor and check if everything is okay down there.

If you or your partner has had sex before, get tested. Not only is it out of respect for your partner, but it’s important to take responsibility for your body.

If you’re thinking about having sex, it’s important to educate yourself on it. Sex is a lot of fun and you’ll enjoy it, but you also need to take responsibility for your body and your sexual experience. So, have fun and be safe.