How To Drive A Man Crazy And Get Him In Bed

How To Drive A Man Crazy And Get Him In Bed

In our day and age, social opinion states that if a girl wants a man she is to be considered a slut, while a man in the same situation is a stud that deserves praise. What a massive, crazy, steaming pile of hypocritical bullshit! How else would a girl drive a man crazy if not with her inherent sexuality?

Don’t worry. We are here to reveal all kinds of freaky things to do to your man.

Proceed with caution, though, as you’ll be harnessing enough power to break the poor soul and turn him into your handy little puppet with your feminine charm.

Also, note that this guide will teach you how to drive a man crazy, not how to drive him crazy in bed. In simpler words, we are not here to teach you how to be good at sex. We are sure you’ve got that part covered.

A touch is worth a thousand words

How To Drive A Man Crazy And Get Him In Bed

Few things are more electrifying than a gentle touch, even if it is random. And with all of the opportunities to touch him “accidentally” you’ll have throughout the day, not using them to your advantage is a sin against the nature of passion.

Try reaching for the same mug, or gently patting the dude on the back, or, if you’ll be able to muster a pair of metaphorical balls, try reaching into his pocket for something like the keys or his wallet (with a prior warning, of course), and you’ll literally see the magic happen.

Say my name!

If there’s one magic word every guy loves hearing, it’s his own name. Try dropping it as often as possible. This trick will have the best effect if you’ll do so out of context.

How To Drive A Man Crazy And Get Him In Bed

Imagine you two are talking. You describe your day to him and you say something like “and then Kathy asked if I’ll have the report done by yesterday… pause… Jake… pause… can you imagine that?”

The pauses will bring more attention to the word you are trying to emphasize. Saying the name itself in a higher pitched voice will indicate that you have sexual interest in the guy (on a subconscious level), and he will feel much warmer and closer to you knowing that out of everything you say you value his name the most.

Play with his competitive bone

Let’s face it – we are a species hell-bent on a pretty standard set of basic instincts. The need to enforce dominance is one of them. Especially in men.

Why not use it to your advantage then?

How To Drive A Man Crazy And Get Him In Bed

Try showing the guy that he is not the only fish in the sea for you to get 100% of his attention. This trick is especially potent after you’ve done everything else mentioned above. Who in his sane mind would want to lose that kind of attention?

The tricky part about this tip is that you can’t afford to overdo things. Blowing on an ember of jealousy with a flirting smile here and there will do the trick just fine, but going beyond that may tell the guy that you’ve moved on.

You might think that a man will fight for you harder if you are slipping away, but he won’t. Not because he doesn’t want to, but because you’ll stop being something that’s “his” wasting every chance you had at playing with his competitive bone.