Here Are Some of the Greatest Advantages of Sleeping Naked

Here Are Some of the Greatest Advantages of Sleeping Naked

If you were to ask your grandparents if they sleep naked, they just might look at you like you’ve totally lost your mind. But these days—and by that, we mean “in the time of the millennials”—that’s not nearly as much of a rare practice. According to one research, as many as two-thirds of young people sleep naked.

What’s their reason for sleeping naked? 69 (we couldn’t make that number up if we tried!) percent said that it’s simply more comfortable to do so. But whether you’re someone who already sleeps naked for basically the same reason or you’re always in your pajamas and you’re wondering if there really is something to catching zzz’s in the nude, we’ve got five scientifically-supported reasons why we think everyone should do it, at least a couple of times a week.

Here Are Five Advantages of Sleeping Naked

Your skin will be healthier

Here Are Some of the Greatest Advantages of Sleeping Naked

A lot of us don’t give our skin the kind of attention that it truly deserves. That’s why it breaks out, has areas of discoloration and can feel dry and scaly sometimes. But since it’s the biggest organ we have, one that contains countless pores on it, it’s important to pamper our skin on a daily basis; this includes giving it time to breathe. Since you can’t go to work in your underwear, the 6-8 hours when you’re resting in bed, give your skin a break from clothes by sleeping naked then. The oxygen will keep your body drier, making it harder for bacteria to thrive.

Your hormones will balance out

Have you ever noticed how you can go to bed feeling fine and then wake up in the middle of the night wanting to kick all of our sheets off? This happens because your body temperature fluctuates throughout the night. When you stay too hot, it can cause your cortisol and melatonin levels to be totally out of wack. But if you sleep naked, your body will stay cooler so that your hormones will balance out. You’ll sleep soundly and wake up feeling refreshed.

Your metabolism will increase

Here Are Some of the Greatest Advantages of Sleeping Naked

One of the benefits of sleeping naked that you may not be aware of is how it can trigger brown fat. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing. Brown fat not only helps to regulate your body’s temperature, but it will also increase your body’s metabolic rate and regulate your body’s blood sugar levels too—all of which is needed for optimal health.

A man’s sperm quality will improve

If you’re a man and you, along with your partner, are trying to conceive a child, sleeping naked can help to make that happen. How? It’s simple, really. Our baseline body temperature is 98.6 but in order for testicles to be the kind of environment where sperm can thrive, it needs to be around four degrees lower than that. When you sleep without any clothes on, that makes it easier for this to happen.

A woman’s vagina will be better

Here Are Some of the Greatest Advantages of Sleeping Naked

Remember how we mentioned that bacteria likes to thrive on skin? There’s probably no place that it likes more than in a woman’s vagina! Since it’s an area that is naturally moist, going without underwear at night can give the vagina the air that it needs to keep bacteria and fungi down to a minimum. This results in less yeast infections and a decreased chance of non-STD-related rashes too. Definitely a good reason to sleep naked tonight, ladies!