Can Sex Cure a Common Cold?

Can Sex Cure a Common Cold?

OK. Before we get into how it is absolutely true that sex is a remedy for the common cold, let’s first go over what causes a cold and what doesn’t.

What Exactly Causes the Common Cold?

If your childhood was anything like ours, you probably grew up hearing things like: if you didn’t dress warm in the wintertime or you went outdoors with wet hair, you would catch a cold. That’s actually not true.

Colds are caused by viruses — one of 200, to be exact. Usually you catch a cold when someone who has one of these viruses sneezes or coughs in your space, touches something before you do (for instance, rhinoviruses can live for up to three hours on things like doorknobs, telephones or even towels) or you share a kiss with them.

Can Sex Cure a Common Cold?

As far as when colds are more common, it’s usually in the autumn or winter. Not because it’s so chilly outdoors, but due to the fact that most of us are indoors more often. Between the amount of indoor air pollution that’s in houses (usually it’s 5-10 times higher than outdoor air pollution) and people being exposed to one another for longer periods of time, that’s why colds seem to escalate during those two seasons.

How Does Sex Help with a Cold?

Now that you know where a cold comes from, we’ll break down how sex can help to cure it faster.

Researchers have discovered that couples who engage in sex a few times a week, end up producing more immunoglobulin A in their system. What is that? It’s an antibody that fights off infections and many of the viruses that are directly linked to the common cold.

There’s more. Whenever a woman engages in (unprotected) sex with a man — whether it’s through intercourse or orally — she receives doses of Vitamin C and E, melatonin, oxytocin, progesterone, testosterone and proteins that ward off fungi, bacteria and viruses. In fact, there are plenty of studies to support that when a woman gets semen into her system, it significantly increases her immunity all the way around.

Can Sex Cure a Common Cold?

Also, since sperm contains lots of antioxidants, it can reduce the stress levels in a woman too. Why is this relevant? It’s because a lot of diseases and illnesses are directly attributed to stress. So, the less stressful we feel, the better our body is at being able to ward off sickness.

Now do you get why sex is such a great remedy for the common cold?

Oh, just one more thing. If you decide to engage in sex with someone who already has a cold, and if you want to decrease the possibility of you getting it from them, the less kissing you do, the better. The cold-related viruses that they have are going to be in their saliva, so try getting it on (or in, depending on how you look at it), with as little smooching as possible.

Wow. Sex is a remedy for the common cold. Definitely beats taking some cold medicine, doesn’t it?