All You Need to Know About the Karezza Method

All You Need to Know About the Karezza Method

Most of us don’t care (too much) about how long sex lasts. Just so long as we get some, we’re (for the most part) good. But for the sake of sharing what “the karezza method of sex” is, how about humoring us for just a moment…

Guess how long it approximately takes for a woman to have an orgasm? It’s somewhere around 20 minutes (that includes foreplay, by the way). How long does it take a man? Hmph. A lot less than that — 5 minutes. OK, now guess how long most sex sessions last. According to one survey, somewhere around 5.4 minutes.

Gee. When we read that, the first thing that pops up is, “There must be a whole lot of happy men and dissatisfied women around here!” The second thought was, “Unless this means couples are down for quickies more than we thought they were.”

To tell you the truth, there’s a little bit of Column A and a little bit of Column B in the ultimate conclusion. But whether you’re a man who wants to make sure your female partner is pleased or you are simply someone who doesn’t only want to have quickies on the sex menu all of the time, how about introducing a new approach to coitus to your routine? It’s called “Karezza”.

What Is Karezza All About?

All You Need to Know About the Karezza Method

What exactly is karezza? It’s an Italian word that translates into “caress”. If you were to ask an Italian what karezza means — and if they’ve ever participated in it before — they’ll probably pause, grin and then slowly nod their head in happiness and contentment. That’s because it’s the kind of word that’s usually used in the context of passionate lovemaking.

In fact, Karezza is all about foreplay, taking one’s time and—get this—NOT making orgasms a goal. It’s the exact opposite of having a quickie or trying to get a quick “nut”. It’s kind of like tantric sex only, while tantra focuses on slow, deep and steady breathing, karezza is all about slow, deep and steady lovemaking.

Is It Wrong to Climax During Karezza?

If just reading about karezza got you all hot ‘n bothered, you might wonder if it’s “wrong” to have an orgasm while practicing the karezza method. The answer to that is “no”, although many experts recommend that when you or your partner find yourself being at the brink of climaxing that you should stop, wait for the feeling to subside and then start over.

All You Need to Know About the Karezza Method

While it might seem super-frustrating at first, once you start getting the hang of it, not only will it help to significantly increase your stamina, it will also make your orgasms that much more intense once you actually do have them.

The coolest thing about the karezza practice is there are no steadfast rules. So long as you remove all distractions, take your time and don’t focus on hurrying and getting to the end result, you’re well on your way to becoming a  karezza master.

Sooo…how about presenting your partner with some good old Italian caressing tonight?

The quickies? They can wait.