5 Questions Guys Still Have About the G-Spot (With Answers)

5 Questions Guys Still Have About the G-Spot (With Answers)

Ah, the infamous G-spot, the legendary barrier that distances men who know about it from boys who still don’t have a clue. Or so the media and pop culture portray it.

In reality, the G-spot is as mysterious and untraceable as things get, even if you feel like you know your partner inside out.

There’s nothing wrong about not knowing where it is. Stopping your search, on the other hand, is a criminal offense.

1. What the G is it?

Does the G-spot exist?

5 Questions Guys Still Have About the G-Spot (With Answers)

This one’s simple. A G-Spot is essentially a large bunch of nerves connected in a single spot. It’s definitely there, and it really exists. Like, for real. It does. Come on, guys.

The only reason why so many people still believe that the G-Spot is a myth is that it’s not a distinct structure, but rather an area “somewhere out there”. To top things off, it doesn’t work all the time. Some women feel when it is played with naturally, while others don’t experience a thing.

Plus there’s the fact that, when the woman is not aroused enough, the stimulation of the G-spot may trigger a feeling similar to the desire to pee.

So, if you haven’t found it quite yet, keep trying guys. You’ll get three, and you’ll love it.

2. Where the G is it?

This is one of the most mysterious female G-spot secrets with a pretty straightforward answer. Get your notebooks guys, and don’t forget to make notes because I’m about to reveal something extraordinary!

The G-spot is located – I really need some dramatic music here – on the roof of the vagina. If your girl were to lie on her back, the G-spot would be at 12 o’clock straight.

5 Questions Guys Still Have About the G-Spot (With Answers)

There you have it – mystery solved.

3. Am I in the right G-ing spot?

How does one know if “he” is there or not?

Now that one is a bit trickier as the spot is essentially a bunch on nerve endings under the skin. It’s not a lump, it’s not physically visible, and it behaves differently from one case to the other.

The only real way to tell is to ask your partner. Don’t be shy. She won’t look down on you for “not knowing the basics”. On the contrary, you’ll show love, care, and respect – the three qualities woman find almost as attractive as abs.

5 Questions Guys Still Have About the G-Spot (With Answers)

4. How do I G-in’ touch it then?

Fingers! Your fingers are a fierce weapon as they are the simplest way to stimulate the sensitive area. Stroke, pet, tease, do as you please.

Your partner will only thank you for it.

5. Can’t I just G (OK, F) it?

Well, technically, you can. Any intercourse stimulates the G-spot, some slighter than others though. If you really want to go for the spot and the spot alone, there are positions that fit your honorable goal best:

  • When she’s on top at a 45-degree angle bending backward.
  • The Anvil position where the woman is on her back with her legs wrapped around your shoulders.

Both of these are deep penetration positions so even if by a chance you’ll miss the sweet spot, the orgasms will still be cosmic for you and for your partner.