When a Man Gets in Touch with Himself – An Introduction to Male Masturbation

When a Man Gets in Touch with Himself – An Introduction to Male Masturbation

It’s referred to by several names: whacking it, pounding the pud, jacking off, making the bald man cry and much, much more. Whatever colloquialism you use, male masturbation is an often discussed topic behind closed doors, at a bar or in locker rooms. They are, however, not considered to be conversation fit for polite company even amongst those who are more sexually liberated. However, this practice is something which needs to not only be discussed but also understood.

What Is Male Masturbation?

Frankly put, male masturbation is the manipulation of the male genitalia with emphasis on deriving pleasure from the penis for sexual gratification and usually ending in an ejaculation. As we’ll see through the rest of this article, there’s no one way to do it, but generally, men masturbate by stroking their erect phallus until experiencing an orgasm.

Is Masturbation Healthy?

When a Man Gets in Touch with Himself – An Introduction to Male Masturbation

Simply put, yes. Humans are universally sexual beings, and being able to express that in some form is vital to one’s physical health. In the case of men, being able to ejaculate is especially crucial since men produce sperm from pubescence to the end of their lives. Over a while, this fluid needs to come out one way or another. And since they cannot always release semen through sex on a regular basis, masturbation is a fantastic, safe and reliable alternative.

Furthermore, this practice can be a great way to expand your sexual interests. For instance, some men enjoy playing with their testicles while masturbating, others find that pressing on either side of their perineum (the fleshy space between the testis and anus) heightens the pleasure of masturbating and climax. You may or may not find this appealing, but we generally encourage you to experiment and see what works for you.

Male Masturbation Toys

Just as sex is excellent by itself but can be enhanced with one or two specialty, sexual devices, toys are a great way to spice your masturbation sessions as well. While there weren’t too many of these devices a few decades ago, with the increased sexual liberation of individuals in cultures all over the world, there are tons of male solo play toys on the market. Among these the most popular are pocket pussies.

When a Man Gets in Touch with Himself – An Introduction to Male Masturbation

These go by type names, but the most commonly known is the famed Fleshjack. This brand and others are designed to imitate the feeling of penetrating a mouth, vagina, or an anus. To make the feeling even more intense, many of these types of toys, especially the high-end brands, can be customized to provide different sensations throughout the interior of the device. More expensive versions of these toys vibrate or will pump the penis automatically for less effort on your part or more stimulus depending on how you choose to use them.

A similar toy type are masturbatory sleeves and fleshskins which function similar to a pocket pussy but are closed off at the end, so the enclosed feeling is entirely uninterrupted. While this makes the sensation more complete, it does make these devices a bit more challenging to clean. On the other hand, this design ensures that you’re less likely to make a mess spilling semen or lubricant.

Other masturbatory toys go even further and imitate not only the feeling but the look of a person’s mouth or lower torso or, in the case of sex dolls, the entire body. Not only will this heighten the feel of realism, but it’ll also add a visually immersive element. Further, since these toys are intended to look like parts of the human body, these devices can be used for practice to improve your own sex life especially if you suffer from confidence issues, premature ejaculation or something else.

What About Anal Masturbation?

When a Man Gets in Touch with Himself – An Introduction to Male Masturbation

While this practice might seem taboo or sexually confusing, anal masturbation is something that men cannot only experiment with but enjoy. After all, with all of the sensitive nerve endings which line the anus, men can derive unique pleasure from anal masturbation since they can stimulate their prostate gland. Plus, anally gratifying yourself, when coupled with traditional phallic play, can be a great way to improve your masturbatory sessions and even your sex life. And no, enjoying anally gratifying yourself does not alter your sexual orientation.

If you are new to this like all other things start slow! We recommend that you begin to masturbate as you would usually and then stimulate your anus with your non-dominant hand rub the exterior of your anus. Don’t actually attempt penetration right away but instead build up momentum and acquire a rhythm while your body adjusts. It might feel strange at first, but over time you’ll start to sense a unique, pleasurable feeling.

Once you’ve started to adjust to this, slowly start with inserting a single finger into your rectum and repeating the same circular motion. The sensation should be the same but more intense once you get used to it. After a while, you might want to try going in deeper with a finger or two. Once you are ready for this, you’re going to want to aim “down” or towards your pelvis. If you are familiar with masturbating a woman, you’re going to want to fight the instinct to rotate your palm up. The reason for this is so that you can reach your prostate. This may take some time to figure out but once you’ve hit your “p-spot” you’ll know.

Is Masturbation a Sin?

This question often debated among theologians and concerned parents can be simply answered from a humanist and scientific point of view. If sin is defined as something physically damaging, physiologically impairing or otherwise harmful to one’s self or other, no masturbation is in no way sinful. Further, in most jurisdictions it isn’t illegal – nor should it ever be – so long as this activity only involves other consenting individuals when multiple people are involved.