What is Clitoris? Find Out its Anatomy and Use

What is Clitoris? Find Out its Anatomy and Use

At the center of the pelvic region lies one of the most sensitive parts in a woman’s body — the clitoris. Most of the women that have opened up about the organ opine that it gives them an electrifying orgasm.

If you’re a woman, you should ensure that you keep the clitoris clean to prevent yeast infections which would interfere with the quality of your sex life. On the other hand, men should learn to utilize this magical organ to enhance their sexual pleasures and ensure that they satisfy their partners.

Clitoris Anatomy

Clitoris is a fairly large organ with many internal features. Only a small section of the clitoris, known as glans clitoris, is visible from the external side of the female reproductive organ.

The clitoris is the size of a small pea located slightly above the urethra. On top of the glans, there is a structure called the clitoral hood, whose size varies from one individual to the other. The external part of the clitoris is richly supplied with nerve endings which makes it extremely sensitive. This improves sensation during sex which increases the chances of a woman achieving orgasm.

The internal clitoris is largely invisible when it is not erect. Even when it is, in some women, it may not be particularly prominent compared to other sexual organs in and around the vulva. This organ splits into crura and vestibular bulbs which extends through the labia as well as the vaginal canal. Both the sections have erectile muscles responsible for clitoris erection every time a woman is aroused.

What is the Function of Clitoris?

What is Clitoris? Find Out its Anatomy and Use

This organ is primarily meant to give women pleasure during sex. It has approximately 8000 nerve endings which makes it one of the most sensitive organs in the entire body! Playing around with clitoris will make a woman extremely aroused. Remember, in many ways the clitoris is similar to the penis and, just as when a man is aroused he becomes erect, an erect clitoris is a sure sign that a woman is turned on.

Also, the vestibular bulbs and crura are designed with an erectile muscle. They play a crucial role in preparing the woman for penetration. After the woman is aroused, blood flows to these two sections making them swell and become enlarged. When they swell on both side of the vaginal canal, they increase lubrication which makes it easy for penetration to take place.

If clitoris fails to function normally, it is likely that the woman will also have a dry vagina. If you read our article on dry sex, you’ll know that an insufficiently wet or completely dry vagina is a recipe for painful intercourse and an increased chance of disease being spread.

Is Clitoris the Same as G-Spot?

While clitoris is an organ that’s visible on the outer side of the vulva, G-Spot is not visible from the outside.

How to Stimulate Clitoris

The clitoris is highly sensitive, and it will instantly be stimulated by touch. However, you need to ensure that the woman is in the mood before you start playing with the clitoris. If she is not psychologically prepared, you will not manage to stimulate it no matter how hard you try!

Some of the tips that you can apply include:

  • Gently kiss her body. You should avoid going straight to the clitoris. It’s recommended that you first arouse her by kissing and caressing her body. This way, she will be longing for the clitoris massage!
  • Gently massage the clitoris. Once you’ve prepared her adequately, you can touch her clitoris lightly until it is entirely erect!
  • Know your partner. It’s paramount to note that not all women will react the same way to various tactics. You should carefully study your partner’s preferences and facial cues to determine what arouses her. Once you identify that, then you’ll have a happy sex life.

Why is My Clitoris Painful?

What is Clitoris? Find Out its Anatomy and Use

Clitoris pain may be the result of quite a issues, including an injury on the surrounding vulva structures. In most cases, the pain is mild but can worsen during sexual intercourse. It presents as an itchy or burning sensation leading to immense discomfort. If the intensity of the pain is abnormally high, then you should consider visiting your doctor for professional guidance.

Some of the reasons that can lead to intense and prolonged clitoris pain include cancer, vaginal yeast infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. If you suspect that you’re suffering from any of these conditions, you shouldn’t waste time with speculations. Instead, you should seek medical help immediately.

How Should You Clean the Clitoris?

Like every other part of the body, the clitoris does need to be regularly washed to prevent the build up of dirt or the onset of an infection. However, you should be careful to avoid over-cleaning the clitoris as well as the region around the vagina. Most importantly, avoid any bar soap that can interfere with the vaginal acidity levels.

Make sure to use your regular cleanser to clean the clitoral hood and eliminate all the dirt accumulating there. If you fail to do that, you’ll develop a smelly vagina and risk acquiring infections.