Lubricants: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Love Life

Lubricants: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Love Life

Sometimes called lube, sexual lubricants provide a gel to reduce the tear  and discomfort-inducing friction during intercourse. Using this may be necessary for vaginal intercourse, especially if a woman possesses an unusually dry vagina, and is practically mandatory for anal sex. However, lube is a great addition to making intercrural sex.

Besides intercourse, there are numerous ways you can use lube to spice up your sex life. For instance, you can put lube inside of a condom to increase the sensation that a man gets, especially if he complains that he doesn’t feel as much pleasure while using a condom.

To bring up another example, applying lube while also engaging in oral sex can be a great way to have fun in an unusual way and prep an orifice for the main event at the same time. This is also a great reason to use flavored lubricants.

Even if you don’t have a partner, lubricants can be great fun to use with toys or to masturbate the old fashioned way, too.

Different Types of Lube

Just like sex toys, not all sexual lubricants produce the same sensations or are applicable in all sexual contexts. The most common type of lubricant is water-based. Not only are these types of lubricant compatible with condoms, but they also provide plenty of “glide” during intercourse.

Lubricants: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Love Life

Silicon-based lubricants are good substitutes for water-based lubricants as they often are not absorbed by the skin or mucous membrane and so last longer and as much isn’t needed for enjoyable sex. However, some silicon-based lubricants are not safe to use with condoms and generally should not be used with sex toys. In the case of the former, some silicon type lubes may tear the condom and in the latter case, may cause the toy’s exterior to dissolve.

Oil-based lubricants should never be used with condoms since they increase the chances that the condom will either break or slip when being used. Consequently, we only recommend using oil-based lube when you are in a closed, monogamous relationship and both you and your partner have been screened for sexual infections.

Lastly, there are several different natural lubricants – both in terms of lubricants which use organic ingredients you can purchase in a store and those you can manufacture yourself.

DIY Natural Lubricants

Lubricants: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Love Life

Obviously, the most ubiquitous natural lubricant is saliva, and it’s easy to understand why. We all produce it, carry it with us and can make quite a lot when things are getting hot and heavy.

However, some people may not care to use saliva as they find it to be less effective than other types of lubrication. Further, some people or their partners may find spitting on an area of someone’s body undesirable, even if it is to make lovemaking more pleasurable. Fortunately, there are a few different finished products and recipes for natural lubricants that you can easily make at home.

First, products which can be used out of the container to safely provide lube without producing irritation to the skin or genitals include baby oil, coconut oil, other natural oils, KY jelly and ultrasonic gel. You can even use egg whites so long as you bring the whites to a low boil to sterilize it without cooking it, then cooling it before use. Cooking this concoction can be a bit tricky, so make sure you perfect the technique.

The nice thing about using lubricants like these is that they generally won’t irreparably damage the comforter and sheets, and even if they do spill, stains are easy to wash out. Further, these lubes can also be used as massage oil and incorporated into some particularly fun foreplay.

Lubricants: How to Incorporate Them Into Your Love Life

If you’re interested in homemade lubricant recipes flax seed, corn starch, and even a delicious mixture of honey, peppermint oil, cocoa, and coconut oil can be turned into lube. When it comes to using this latter recipe, we certainly recommend using this edible lubricant for both intercourse and an oral sex warm up.

Keep in mind that most of these types of lubricants don’t gel well with certain types of condoms. In fact, substances like baby oil and KY jelly are prone to tearing latex condoms, so we do suggest using synthetic lubricants if you are also using condoms.

Also, be careful about using lotions in general whether you use condoms or not since they tend not to provide sufficient smoothness for sustained sex.