Is it Okay for Girls to Bleed When Having Sex for the First Time?

Is it Okay for Girls to Bleed When Having Sex for the First Time?

Sex is heavenly, and everybody enjoys the incredible feeling associated with it. The excitement can be especially heightened for people having sex for the first time. But the joy could be interrupted if you bleed during sex, particularly if you’re a female.

Most of the girls would admit that fun was quickly substituted by a sense of confusion and fear. But is there anything to worry about if you bleed after sex for the first time?

Is it Normal for Girls to Bleed during First-time Sex?

Yes, it is absolutely normal for girls to bleed when having sex for the first time.

What Causes the Bleeding?

To understand why the bleeding occurs, it’s crucial that you understand the anatomy of the vagina. It contains a protective membrane called the hymen that surrounds it. This thin piece of skin has blood vessels to supply it with nutrients and oxygen.

If you’re having sex for the first time, the hymen breaks due to the penetration and when this occurs, it will bleed.

Is the Bleeding Associated with Pain?

A hymen is a very thin membrane, and most people will not experience any form of pain when it breaks. In fact, there are people who break it even before their first sexual intercourse experience. This happens when the girls are undertaking their daily duties, and they barely realize it.

But why then is first-time sex painful?

Is it Okay for Girls to Bleed When Having Sex for the First Time?

Some girls may experience pain during their first-time sex due to overstretching of the vagina muscles. Since this is their first time, the muscles are not used to it, and the sudden stretching may lead to pain.

If your partner has a large penis, you should consider requesting him to be gentle at first. If he is too vigorous, you will risk tearing the muscles which can increase the bleeding as well as heighten the chances of getting an infection.

Why Did I Not Bleed During My First-time?

Not all girls will bleed the first time they have sex. That does not mean that they did not have a hymen. Instead, it only means that the membrane broke before their first sexual experience.

But how is that possible?

Apart from sexual intercourse, there are other activities that can break the hymen. They include:

Use of Tampons: These are substances that are inserted into the vagina to absorb the menstrual blood. Most ladies prefer using it to the pads since it is relatively comfortable.

When inserting tampons, it is possible to break the hymen. You may not even realize it because you will think that it’s the menstrual blood.

Rough Activities: There are harsh activities that have the potential to break the hymen quite easily. They may include cycling, horse riding, and many other vigorous sports.

When to Worry about Bleeding During Sex

Is it Okay for Girls to Bleed When Having Sex for the First Time?

After breaking the hymen, you shouldn’t bleed during the subsequent experiences of sex. If that happens, it could be due to the following:

Vaginal Infections: There are many types of infections that can occur in your vagina. They can be caused by yeast, bacteria, and virus. The abnormalities caused by these infections can lead to bleeding during sex. Some of the conditions lead to skin openings which bleed after the vigorous rubbing by the penis.

Precancerous Cervical Cancer: Vaginal bleeding during sex could be a sign of the presence of precancerous cells on your cervix. When the bleeding persists, you should always seek the help of a professional medic to rule precancerous cells out.

Uterine Bleeding: This is normal especially when you’re at the initial stages of your menstruation periods.

Vigorous Sex: In some cases, the vaginal walls may tear especially if the sex is too vigorous. This occurs when the man keeps pushing his penis into the vagina with minimal lubrication. You should never allow this to happen since it will expose you to sexually transmitted diseases.

If the bleeding continues over a long period of time, you should always visit your gynecologist for a specialized checkup.

Can a Penis Fail to Fit Into the Vagina?

The vagina is made up of muscles that have an incredible ability to stretch. However, if you’re having sex for the first time, it is possible that the man will struggle to fit his penis into your vagina.

Most vaginas are 3-7 inches which are wide enough to accommodate a man’s penis. However, men with extra-large penises may overstretch the muscles leading to pain and bleeding.

If your man has a big penis, you should try different positions until you find the most convenient one for both of you.

Take Home Message

Is it Okay for Girls to Bleed When Having Sex for the First Time?

Having sex for the first time is fun and you shouldn’t be afraid to try it out. However, you should take precautionary measures to ensure that you’re safe. If you’re having sexual intercourse with someone you do not know well, you should always use a condom. This way, you’ll eliminate the chance of getting pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

Below are tips to consider before having first-time sex:

Use Lubrication: Since it’s your first time, you need to use lubrication to ensure that you do not tear the vaginal muscles which would lead to increased bleeding

Encourage gentle sex: It’s not advisable to have vigorous sex for the first time. Tell your partner to start slow to allow your muscles to adjust.

Relax: Tension will make you miss the joy of the moment. It’ll become difficult to prepare the vaginal muscles for penetration which will lead to painful sex.

Once you do this, you can be sure you will enjoy your first sex experience!