The Truth or Dare I Will Always Remember

The Truth or Dare I Will Always Remember

I had always known I was a lesbian from a young age. I was different from other girls around because I never considered running after boys or looking attractive for them. I preferred to give my attention to the ladies. I couldn’t really understand how ladies became so important to me but all I knew was that things were never the same after I kissed my first lesbian partner.

Her lips felt so soft and the way she fondled my body made me feel very aroused. I just sat there as she continued to use her hands to trace the different angles of my body. She took off my shirt and kissed my nipple. I felt a rush in my system. I just kissed her more intensely and took off her clothes very quickly. When I saw her pussy, I went head first into it.

I bit on her clit and licked it with tongue. I placed a lot of kisses on her pussy lips. I used my tongue to lick all the corners of her pussy. I made her feel very good. She held my head in position as I continued kissing her. Her whole body was arched as I continued to lick her pussy lips. The moment I sent my tongue into her vagina, her voice went into a scream. Her pussy tasted and smelled so good. I didn’t want to stop. I loved the feel of her vaginal secretions against my face. It felt so good.

She flipped me into the 69 position and started to suck my vagina too. I couldn’t really stop her. I just lay there helplessly. After some time, I was able to finally muster the strength to start to finger her vagina. I sent my fingers travelling at a very high speed into her vagina. She felt good. She was enjoying herself and she went deeper into my pussy. As she sucked my pussy, she also fingered me. She played with my pussy utilizing an arsenal of skills which I didn’t possess. It came as no surprise when we both had orgasms just a few minutes from each other. We lay beside each other and kissed each other before we went into a deep sleep. When I woke up, I knew I was born to be a lesbian.

I was one of the few lesbians in my entire family. I also had a lesbian cousin and we regularly met up to talk. I just found it easier to connect with her. Being a lesbian too, she understood me very well. It was a case of a mutual friendship between the both of us. However, I started to admire her as time passed. Unknown to me, she had also started to admire me and had hidden feelings for me. These feelings soon came into the light. However, it was a simple game that made everything between us two lesbians change.

We met up at her place and started to talk about what we had missed in each other’s lives — you know just two women, not necessarily lesbians, chatting. We spoke for a very long time and soon enough, things got boring. We decided to play a game of truth or dare to spice things up. Soon, we were immersed in the game and laughing from the funny truths we heard about each other and the crazy dares we reluctantly did. It was all fun and games until my lesbian cousin dared me to completely strip.

Being a sensual lady, I gently stripped and took off every piece of clothing from my body like I was doing a striptease. It felt like her eyes were glued to my body. I really didn’t mind if she was staring at me. I knew the kind of body I had was enough to drive any one crazy — guy or girl. As I took off everything, I revealed my matching underwear underneath. I skillfully took off my bra and went for my panties. As I took of my panties I looked at her and bit my lower lip. I saw her swallow hard. It was like she was trying to hold her lesbian feelings for me back.

It became my turn to dare her and I also dared her to strip herself naked. I had always admired my lesbian cousin’s body but getting the chance to see it face to face was taking a toll on me. My pussy was getting wet. As she took off her blouse, I could see her boobs in her bra. I could see she had very large boobs which were just being packed up by her bra. Soon, she had her trousers down. She didn’t have matching underwear but her underwear looked very nice. She was very sexy.

She took a lot more time than I did. She looked at me for every second of her strip. The way she maintained eye contact made me feel very aroused. It was like she was eating me up with her eyes and paying me back for stripping seductively in front of her. After spending some time looking at me, she smiled as she took off her bra. I was face to face with the most beautiful breasts I had ever seen in my life.

I was stunned. She seductively touched them and even stretched her tongue as she licked her nipple. I felt my body shiver as I watched her tug at her panties. I had a cleanly shaven pussy but she had trimmed hers. She had shaved off some of the hair and shaped the hair on the upper part of her clitoris into a faint looking rectangle. It was my turn to swallow hard. Finally, she was done and she had her seat. We were now two naked lesbians in front of one another. We stared intensely at each other. I could feel her eyes tear into my skin. The next dare set the motion for everything that day.

She dared me to play with myself in front of her. I stood up and left to get my dildo. When I brought it back she smiled at the sex toy in my hands. I started to rub my clit. Later on, I lay on my back as I introduced the dildo into my pussy. It went in with just a little resistance. I was very wet already and she could see that already. As I moaned and played with myself, she just looked at me. I could feel her come closer to me. My eyes were slammed shut. When I opened them, I saw that she had come over to me.

I could feel the passion in her eyes. She came closer and placed a kiss on my lips. I took my hands off my pussy and kissed her with a lot of passion. Our lips were tender against one another and went into a battle. We kissed each other and we were soon laughing and smiling at one another.

She broke off the kiss and paid attention to the dildo on the floor. She stuck it into her mouth and licked all of my vagina juice off it. All of a sudden, she shoved the dildo into my pussy. I almost screamed and gripped her skin tightly. She started to shove the toy in and out my pussy. It felt very good in my pussy. The way she twisted and turned the dildo in my pussy made my body arch with pleasure. I was barely in control of my legs anymore.

I was just feeling different types of pleasure running round my body. I held her hands in place. She didn’t slow down. She just continued with the same amount of intensity. She even kissed my nipple and started to suck on them. My body couldn’t take it anymore. The pleasure was getting too much for me. I just lay there and watched as she dealt with my body. In one explosive motion, my whole body shook and I released a lot of juice from my vagina. I was exhausted from the way she had played with my pussy.

I turned my attention to her pussy and went in with my face. I knew how to give head best and I was prepared to deal with her using my tongue. I licked every inch of her pussy with my tongue. I continued to stick my tongue into her pussy. I went to her clit and dealt with it. I took the dildo from her and sent it into her pussy. As I fucked her with the dildo, I licked her clitoris and bit it lightly.

Her body gave up easily compared to me. Soon, she came. Her orgasm was more subtle than mine. When she had caught her breath, we kissed again for a short time before we slept in each other’s arms for some hours. We slept naked.

Since that day, the kind of relationship between my cousin and I changed. We regularly meet up for sex. We understood each other in ways no-one else did.