Sex with Taxi Driver was Embarrassing and Fun

Sex with Taxi Driver was Embarrassing and Fun

It is said that an embarrassing situation has the tendency to bring out some hidden parts of you. I had always found it difficult to understand this concept. Little did I know that life was about to give me a front seat lesson in the class of embarrassment. I was pushed to my limits and my survival instincts kicked in. I eventually had to do what I considered was the best option for me at that stage.

I set out of my house on a simple day just like any other day. It was a very cool morning. I could smell the morning breeze. I also derived fun from watching the birds fly up and down. The birds were chirping and making wonderful music that morning. I was about to go out of the house to another side of town. I was set to meet up with someone later that day. However, I wanted to set out very early to beat any mid-day gridlocks or to avoid all forms of disappointments that would be a bane to the meeting. I was dressed beautifully that morning.

My hair flowed over my shoulders. I wore a tight fitting patterned gown which exposed my cleavage a little. There was also a low split on my left thigh. The dress was just appropriate. It was not too provocative or simple. I was sexually attractive enough and didn’t want any unnecessary attention from different people.

As I stepped out of the house, I called out to a taxi. I gave my destination to the driver. He opened the door for me and I sat comfortably in the taxi. Immediately I settled into the taxi, the driver complimented my dress. I smiled and responded to his comments. The journey was to last 2 and half hours. During the first 30 minutes of the journey, the driver engaged me in little conversations on things happening in modern society. I felt obliged to respond to his conversation. He seemed like a very nice middle-aged man. He smiled lightly as he spoke to me, exposing a set of white teeth.

I fell into a very short sleep in the taxi. I guess I was getting bored from all the talking or maybe I just wanted to rest before getting to my meeting. When I woke up, the driver informed me we had 45 minutes to my destination. I was glad the journey was proceeding quite quickly. The rest of the journey went on without any particular special events. It was just filled with a few occasional chats and the regular light smile from the driver when a situation led to it. The taxi driver seemed like a very nice man.

We got to my destination right on time. I appreciated his smooth driving and his lively nature. He has made the journey quite easy for me. I was in no rush as I still had hours to prepare for my meeting. I reached into my bag to get my purse for the fare. I was shocked when I couldn’t find it at my first try. I searched again. No purse meant no money and no means to pay the fare. I began to search frantically and even spilled the contents of my bag on the car seat. The driver quickly understood what was happening. He sat quietly looking at me. I was close to tears when I couldn’t find the purse. There was no other possible means to pay the fare.

The driver offered me a lifeline. It sounded crazy at first but my desperate mind saw some reason with him. The driver offered to settle the bill if I gave him a sexual favour or two. After some minutes of thought and initial hesitation I agreed. The driver smiled and drove me to a secluded part of town where we wouldn’t be seen. He stopped the car and moved to the back seat. I swallowed hard realizing what I was going to be doing.

He sat close to me and removed his penis from his trousers. I guess this wasn’t going to be any type of romantic sex. I held his penis in my hands and settled down to work on him. I sank my mouth down his penis. I could hear him moan. I paused and licked the tip of his penis. He was stunned from that action. I licked his penis from the tip down to the end of the shaft.

I saw him try to adjust his body shape to the pleasure he was now feeling. I swallowed his whole penis until it hit the back of my throat. I held it in that position for some seconds. I released it to avoid gagging or choking. There was a look of satisfaction on his face. His eyes were tightly shut and he had his mouth half open. I just continued with what I was doing. I really wanted to do anything to leave this situation as soon as possible.

I continued to give him a blowjob with all the skill I had in my arsenal. I had jerked his penis simultaneously as I sucked it. I had sucked his balls and stimulated them with my fingers. This driver was however not satisfied. Yes, he was having a nice time but he was obviously not close to climax. I kept up sucking his penis for some few more minutes. It was still the same thing.

All of a sudden, his eyes flickered open. The look on his face suggested he wanted more. He just smirked at me as I sucked his penis. He requested for sex and I couldn’t object. I knew the resulting consequence.

I stopped sucking his penis. I raised up my gown and started to rub my clitoris to stimulate myself. My body responded positively and I was wet within a short time. I went on top of him in a cowgirl position. I carefully put his penis into my vagina. I settled properly on it, taking the full size into my vagina. I started to ride his penis slowly. He grabbed hold of my breasts. He fondled them with expertise.

He succeeded in undressing me. He grabbed hold of my breasts again and put my nipples in his mouth. As I rode his stiff penis, he played with my breast. I couldn’t deny the fact that I was enjoying myself. I tried to steady myself on top of him as the pleasure was starting to increase in my groin. I could feel different types of vibrations coursing the entire length of my vagina as I rode him.

The driver stopped sucking my breasts and used his hands to position me properly over his cock. With the strength of an Olympian athlete, he started ramming into my vagina from below. The cowgirl position allowed him full penetration into my vagina. He effortlessly went in and out of my vagina. I was doing my best to reduce my moans. I didn’t want any passerby noticing our actions. As his pelvic region came in contact with mine, a wave of chills went up my body.

It was like he was pounding pleasure into me from beneath. Every passing second of the sex was making it more enjoyable. Right now, I didn’t see him as the taxi driver anymore. He was looking very attractive to me. His movements shook me and I placed my hands on his chest to steady myself.

The driver then went into doggy style. He opened the door and placed me halfway through the door. I went on all fours. It wasn’t very comfortable but it would make do. He shielded his body with the door. He drove into the depth of my vagina with a lot of force. I was moaning.

I was also doing my best to keep quiet as much as possible. He would occasionally slow down and reduce his pace into deep slow thrusts. I couldn’t believe a taxi driver was this good. Without warning, he would pick up pace again. The pace was becoming too much for me as I struggled to keep on all fours. He didn’t mind that I was losing balance. He just continued without letting it affect him. Stroke upon stroke, I was enjoying the feel of his cock. I could swear that I would have gone into orgasm a few times if I wasn’t so embarrassed about the situation in was in right now.

He stopped and removed his penis from my vagina. I turned to look at him as he positioned his cock in front of my mouth. I instinctively took it into my mouth. On a few occasions, his penis would hit the back of my mouth. I kept still to satisfy him. Within a few seconds, I could feel beads of semen shoot into my mouth and down my throat. His semen filled my mouth and drops spilled from the edge of my mouth. I cleaned myself up and left to prepare for the meeting.

I would probably never have had the chance to sleep with a taxi driver. Despite the embarrassing nature of this sexual encounter, it was still fun. I can’t deny the fact that his penis made me shiver. He had sex with me like an expert and I loved it.