Seducing a Stripper To My Room

Seducing A Stripper To My Room

I always wanted to visit Europe. Different cultures fascinated me, ever since I was a child. When I graduated high school, I opted out of the normal going-to-college routine and got myself a great paying job. I was making six figures in one year. It was absolutely awesome. After about two years of working at the job, I quit. Most people didn’t get why I quit, but I was told I was welcome back anytime.

You see, during those two years, I saved as much as I could. I paid my bills, and used what I needed, and the rest went into savings. I called it my “travel funds.” This money would be used for trips to various places, so I could see the world.

Europe was my first stop. Germany, in particular. So, I took a plane across the country and flew to Deutschland. When I got there, I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was so beautiful. The food was delicious and the people were actually quite nice to me, even though I was obviously a tourist.

While I was there, I took a look at the nightlife. I wanted to do something a little wild, a little outside of my level-head. I was a young guy, so when the idea of going to a German strip club popped up, I decided to go ahead.

I chose a club in Frankfurt. I read its reviews and thought it sounded nice enough.

I entered the doors of the smoky strip club. There were mostly men seated at tables, and a bar surrounding the stage. Men dressed in expensive suits sat at the table, smoking their cigars. The smoke left a thick layer in the air. It was decked out in red and black, rather than the usual pink. It was a place truly fit for a man. I sat myself in an open chair at the bar, and in front a hot little redhead with perky tits shook her ass. She danced and swirled around the pole, staring at me. She licked her lips and tossed back her head rubbing herself. She really was a sight. Her eyes sparkled and her lips were full.

I imagined what it would feel like to have her full lips smothered around my penis. I could feel myself getting hard thinking about it. The redhead known as Macy dropped to her knees, crawling toward me. I slowly slid some cash across the stage. She stopped in front of me, and grabbed me by the tie, rubbing those perky tits into my face. Turning around, back on her knees, she swayed her ass in my face as I tucked some more bills into her black g-string. She was so sexy, as sexy as they come.

I heard something about VIP rooms, and decided I would spoil myself, getting myself a one-on-one session with that naughty little redhead.

I went into my VIP room and there was a single podium center-stage, with a pole in the midst of it. Sexy Macy came out from behind a curtain, clad in feathers and sequins, with beads draping along her body.

She moved in front of the pole, with her back against it, sliding slowly down and spreading her legs. I begged the fabric to move so I could see her clearly. I watched as she rubbed the top of her panties, as if beckoning me to do it.

I wasn’t sure if I could, but at that point, I didn’t care. I wanted to rub her. I wanted to make her scream. I wanted to shove my dick down her throat and make her choke on it.

Her hands grabbed at my hard cock as she swayed her hips, turning her around. I playfully slapped her ass. She continued jiggling it and said, “Do it again, baby.” So I did it again. It made a resonating clap and almost instantly, a satisfying handprint appeared.

“You like it rough?” I asked, surveying her as she shook her ass on the pole.

She rubbed her tits and licked her lips. “Yes, I like it rough.”

That was all I needed her to say. I hastily unbuttoned my pants and dropped it down exposing my thick shaft. I rubbed the head of it, longingly as Macy rubbed her whole body, licking her lips once again at the sight of my stiffness.”

“You want it?” I asked softly.

She nodded, crawling toward it, ass sticking up in the air. I grabbed her by her red tresses and forced my dick into her mouth, smearing all her sultry lipstick. It stained my cock and looked like a mess all over her pretty face. She took my pulsing dick into her mouth and began sucking it. She moved my shaft rhythmically as she sucked me off, pressing me against her gag reflex. I pulled her hair towards me, slamming my dick into her throat. She coughed and sputtered, but scrambled back when I let her up to breathe. It was as if she couldn’t get enough of it.

“Hey Macy,” I said, feeling bold. “How would you like to come back to my hotel room for the night. She smiled, and, surprisingly, agreed. She told me that she got off in an hour. I gave her my room number.

I paid her for the VIP session, exited the club and went to the closest sex shop I could find. I bought a few items and took them back to the hotel with me, ready to have Macy meet me. Not long after, Macy appeared at my door. I welcomed her into my room.

I told her to get naked and get on the bed. She obliged, dropping her stripper clothes to the floor, and crawled up on the bed. She was sitting on her knees, her beautiful hair surrounding her supple tits.

I laid back, allowing her to get on top of me. Unbuttoning and removing my pants, she grabbed my dick and steadied herself, straddling me. She slowly lowered her wet snatch on my dick, sucking it inside. Her tight little pussy stretched with my girth and she moaned as it slid further inside her. She began to ride me, her tits bouncing up and down. I grabbed them as I thrust my hips, digging my dick deep inside her. She cried out and bounced faster rubbing her clit against my groin.

I reached up and pulled her closer to me as we continued. I put my hands around her throat and began to squeeze as I thrusted harder.

“Is this rough enough for you?” I asked, challenging her.

She coughed and her eyes rolled. I loosened my grip.

“Yes,” she said. “Don’t stop. I’m gonna cum all over your sweet dick,” she said, as she continued to ride me furiously.

I hastily pushed her off of me and told her to get on her knees and bend over. She did exactly as I said, looked back at me and gave me a sexy pout. This only fueled my arousal. I reached into the nightstand and brought out a paddle. She stuck her finger in her mouth and said, “Yes, do it. Spank me raw.”

I raised the paddle and it came down with a satisfying smack against her sweet, perfect, tight little ass. I raised it again and spanked her again. She cried out more, encouraging me.

I grabbed a vibrator out of the nightstand and turned it on. I pressed the vibrator to her clit. The harsh power shot through the toy, vibrating even my own hand with an unprecedented amount of power. She screamed as the pleasure rocked her body and her knees buckled under that much power. I stuck my thumb in her asshole as I rubbed the vibrator against her clit. She was screaming. I knew she could be heard through the hotel walls and just knowing that everyone could hear her made my arousal that much more sweeter.

I positioned my dick to enter from behind. Wrapping one arm in her hair and other around the throat, I fucked her hard. Her body hit it’s climax and each time it seemed like she would collapse, I’d deliver her another earth-shattering orgasm. She was in such sweet pleasure, it was a truly sexy sight. I felt my body start to hit its peak so I rammed faster, causing her to cum all over my stiff dick. Her juices slid between my thighs and the friction of our bodies now had turned into a slip and slide from all of her wetness. She moaned and tried to scream as my grip tightened and I grabbed my dick and pulled out of her, shooting my cum all over my face. She loved it and licked her lips, drinking in my sweet seed.

It was the raunchiest, sexiest session of my life and one I will never ever forget.