Revenge Sex With My Boyfriend’s Mistress

Revenge Sex With My Boyfriend’s Mistress

I can’t believe it, I thought to myself, staring at the smartphone in my hand. I glanced over at the bed where the love of my life was snoring soundly. Normally, I would giggle and “aww” at this, but at this particular moment, all I wanted to do was smother him with the pillow next to him on the bed. How could he?

I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the messages. It seems, for the last month, at least, my boyfriend had found himself some woman he was seeing on the side. How? Why? I did everything for him! How could he do this to me!?

My emotions were in a swirl. I was angry, I was hurt, and I was sad. Why do guys do this? I don’t understand. I opened the gallery in his phone, and what did I see? A bunch of nudes of this despicable woman. The worst part, was that she was pretty and had a banging body. Clearly, since he was banging that body, she had these perfectly round tits, sunkissed tan and bright blue eyes.

Her hair was dark brown and draped all over her naked shoulders. She had a sexy look on her face and all I wanted to do was scream and break his phone.

But I didn’t say anything. I kept it to myself. I had no idea what I was going to do with this bit of information or how I was going to use it. So, I did the typical girl thing over the next few days and did some social media stalking.

The more I looked through her shit, the less angry with her I became. Her posts were genuine and she seemed like a good person, with the exception of sleeping with my boyfriend. My boyfriend had told me he was going out with the guys and wouldn’t be home until the next day. Thankfully, his friends came and picked him up, so I was assured it wasn’t a big, fat lie.

So, I was sitting there in my living room and I decided to call his mistress. She answered the phone. I briefly explained the situation and asked her if she would come over, so we could discuss the situation, woman to woman. To my surprise, she agreed.

She arrived at my place not long after our phone call. I invited her in, and I had to say, she looked just as gorgeous as she did in her nudes. But I had stepped my game up. I made sure I looked hot as well.

We sat down on the couch and laid everything out. She explained to me that she had been talking to my boyfriend for a while and even after the first few times they had sex, she didn’t even know I existed. She thought he was seeing multiple women, as she had been seeing other guys. Strangely enough, she told me that she didn’t even like guys that much. Women were more “up her alley.”

I watched as she uncrossed her legs and switched them. I could almost see up her little skirt when she did that. Definitely not modest, this one. There was something in her eyes though, the way she looked at me.

I wanted her, and maybe it was revenge sex. I couldn’t explain it. I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but the idea of revenge sex took shape there. Maybe it was the idea that my boyfriend had been fucking her. A revenge sex, if you will. You see it all the time in porn. Apparently she had that same idea because she didn’t waste any time.

Within minutes, her soft, plump lips were full on my mouth, her tongue sweeping in every crevice she found. I moaned as I ran my hands through her long hair and she started kissing down my neck, with one fantastic hour of revenge sex on my mind. I gripped her even harder. She kissed my shoulders and came back up and nibbled on my earlobes.

I was so turned on, revenge sex or not. She whispered seductively in my ear, “I wanna eat your pussy.” I felt myself become wet and the sheer thought of this sexy little minx down between my thighs, feeding on my snatch. I wanted to grab her head and smash it down there where she couldn’t breathe. I wanted to punish her, to dominate her for all the pain she caused.

I felt her run her hand up my thigh, playing with the hem of the skirt I put on. She rubbed in circles near my hot spot and I panted as she moved her hand up toward my pussy. She slipped her thumb inside my soaking panties. I was as wet as a slip-and-slide. She continued circling her thumb on my clit as we continued to kiss.

I wanted to see her in her naked glory. I interrupted her rubbing and instructed her to take her top off. She obliged. Her huge tits bounded out after she removed that way-too-tight tube top. She really did dress like a model, and a fantastically hot one, I must admit. Hate and lust flowed through me as I hastily grabbed one of her tits and began attacking it with tongue. She tossed her head back, moaning as I sucked on her hard little nub. I roughly squeezed the other one, pinching the nipple as she cried out.

“You like that?” I asked.

She moaned. “Yes,” she panted.

I smirked. “I’m gonna fuck you better than he ever did.”

“Oh yes, please,” she said playfully.

I shoved her back on the couch. I lifted her little skirt and exposed the white thong she was wearing. She was as wet as could be. Reaching under the couch for my trusty vibrator, I pulled it out. I turned the little devil on and rubbed it over the front of her panties. Her legs jerked as I held her body down as she convulsed with pleasure.

Her breathing was ragged, laced with intense and loud moans of pleasure as the vibrations spread all over her clit. Her tits heaved up and down as she arched her back, twitching with every convulsion. I had complete control over her. I yanked her panties off and shoved that vibrator up her pussy frantically, pushing and pulling it out. She screamed loudly as I jammed it in and out. I watched in awe as and it was making me so hot, I could feel my own juices sliding down my thighs. It was definitely slick down there.

I could tell she was close to cumming as I continued thrusting the toy inside her. She was still making such a racket. Her back arched yet again and she released. Her pussy juice dripped down the length of the vibrator and when I pulled it out, you could see how glistening wet it was. I tooked the toy and forced it into her mouth.

“Suck it like you sucked his dick,” I commanded — this was after all a mad, revenge sex session for me.

She obeyed and I watched her twirl her tongue around it, staring me straight in the eyes as she did it. I pulled it out of her mouth. Her own cum was still on her face. I laughed as I pulled my own panties off. I grabbed her hand and took her fingers and put them inside me. She wiggled them around as I moaned. I could feel her rubbing my G-spot and it felt so delectable. I moved my hips against her fingers, grinding on them. I pulled her fingers out of me and settled my pussy on her face, making sure I rubbed its wetness all over — again that sense of revenge sex took over.

I wanted her to be messy. I wanted her to be covered in my cum and remember me, every time, maybe even the next time she took part in some revenge sex with someone.

I rubbed my hot pussy all over her as she desperately ate me out. Her tongue flicked all around my pussy, from my clit to the folds of my lips. I felt her hand reach up and take a finger and slide it between my ass crack. She had inserted into herself and was sliding it up and down, teasing my tight little asshole.

I moaned as I continued rubbing my pussy on her face. I moved it up and down and stopped, when I covered her nose as well. Each time I moved off after sitting there for a moment, she gasped for air. And then I would put it back on her mouth and she continued to slurp it up. I rubbed my clit on her and I felt my orgasm began to take shape. She took her finger that was playing around my asshole and pushed it in, causing me to both moan and grimace.

I hadn’t ever really done anal stuff, but this was a new sensation. She slid her finger in and out of my ass and she lapped up my pussy. My juices flowed down her cheeks as I continued fucking her face. My hand gripped the couch as I let my orgasm rise. I panted as I felt myself cumming. She was sliding that finger out faster and faster. Within seconds, I hit the brink and shattered over her. My juices flowed like water, soaking her and causing her to sputter. It was a shame I couldn’t drown her with it.

“Alright, I said, gathering my clothes. “Get the hell out of my house and stay away from my boyfriend.” She looked at me so confused, re-dressed, and I never heard from her again. But, that revenge sex session will never be forgotten.