My Wife and I Entered the Mile High Club

My Wife and I Entered the Mile High Club

My wife and I had known each other since our high school days. We had managed to form a strong bond with each other despite the distance that came up between us sometimes. We didn’t start dating each other till our college days though. We were able to make the relationship work since we had shared a deep connection.

I was basically the guy who took her virginity and the only guy who had fucked her. This means I had shaped her sexual life a lot and we had a perfect knowledge of each other’s sexual preferences. I liked her a lot and was finally able to ask her to be my wife. She immediately accepted. A few months down the line, we had gotten married.

A lot of friends and family were at the wedding and almost nobody was surprised we both got married. The chemistry we displayed was what a lot of couples wished for.

One of the most remarkable points in our life was our honeymoon trip. My wife and I had decided to visit the city of love so we could make love without restrictions. We had booked a flight to Paris so we could spend about two weeks there. However, when we got into the plane, I started to feel strange. I needed to have sex with my wife, and if we entered the mile high club as a result, why not.

We took the last flight of the day and it was soon night. We were arriving in Paris in the morning. When we sat next to each other in the plane, she could tell I was horny from the look in my eyes. She touched my dick in my trousers and it was already as hard as a rock. I wanted to enter the Mile High Club now!

We looked around and found out everyone was sleeping. We started kissing passionately while making very minimal noises. We didn’t want to create a scene on the airplane or make a bot of out opportunity to enter the Mile High Club. She had her hands on my dick very soon. She released it from my trousers and started to jerk it off as we kissed.

I moaned through our kisses as I was enjoying what she was doing with her hands. Soon, she detached herself from my kiss and sent her throat down my dick. I held her head in place as I enjoyed the pleasure of her tongue on my dick. She perfectly knew how to deal with my dick. She was sucking it and making slurping sounds as she moved up and down my dick. I just sat there and somehow stayed silent.

I gently opened my mouth as I moaned silently. Sometimes, she would stop sucking my dick and come to kiss me. I kissed her with a lot of intensity. I knew she would be horny by now, I knew she was also keen on entering the Mile High Club. As she went back to sucking on my dick, I thought of an idea and I passed the idea to her. She agreed wholeheartedly.

I pulled my pants up and we both stood up from our seats. We went to the other side of the plane and into the bathroom, determined to make this Mile High Club experience the best ever. It wasn’t the most comfortable place but it would make do for the time being. I just wanted to fuck my wife and make her cum like she always did. As soon as we went into the bathroom, we resumed and started to kiss intensely again.

I loved the way she grabbed my lips in my mouth. She sucked on it and even bit it slightly. I had my hands on her waist and was gently freeing her lower body from her clothes. Soon, her lower body was naked. I just stuck my finger into her pussy as we kissed.

Her reaction was priceless. She closed her legs and trapped my hands between her legs as we kissed one another. It was very nice as her pussy was very tight. She freed my hands when her pussy had adjusted to the finger. I loved the fact that she was always very tight. I started to finger fuck her and she moaned through our kisses.

I made sure I fingered her with a lot more intensity. As I stuck my hands in and out of her pussy, I rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was enjoying herself and soon she wasn’t able to keep kissing me. She broke off the kiss and started to moan. She didn’t mind if anyone heard her. Her pussy was releasing juices all over my hands and very soon my palm was covered in her secretions. I felt very satisfied with her reactions.

She gently went down my body. She was ready to continue sucking my dick. Within a few seconds, she had tugged my dick free from my body. This time, she was sucking my dick with a lot more focus and intensity. She was sucking as if her life depended on it, as if everything depended on this Mile High Club experience.

She jerked off my dick as her mouth went up and down my shaft. I loved the way she moaned as she sucked me. It was very nice. She went lower and took both of my balls into her mouth. I became speechless as I didn’t know what to do. She tickled them with her tongue and fully stimulated them in her mouth. I kept thinking about the wonders we would do to our bodies when we finally got to our honeymoon destination.

I knew this Mile High Club sex on the airplane was just a tip of the iceberg for both of us. She shifted her focus back to my shaft and continued to fondle my balls in her hands. I was close to getting to my first climax. She knew it and only sucked my dick harder. I released my load helplessly into her mouth. She happily swallowed all the semen. My dick was not done with her. It was still stiff as a rock.

She immediately got to her feet and turned her ass to me. She gently spread her legs and showed me her stained pussy. I planned to return the favour to her. I sent my head in between her thighs. I licked off all the juices which had stained her vagina. She was just shivering and moaning as I licked off her inner thighs. I teased her. I went to her pussy and licked off her pussy lips. I stuck my tongue into her pussy.

She moved her waist in rhythm to my tongue. She was basically fucking my tongue. From the way she was moving, I could feel her orgasm coming. It was going to be very explosive. I moved over to her clit and started to fondle with it and lick it. As I bit her clit lightly, I stuck my finger into her wet pussy. She exploded and her juices gushed over my face. I licked my lips and knew it was time for some good sex. Her legs shivered and she could barely keep her balance.

I held her in position with my hands. I stroked my dick gently as I took it to the entrance of her pussy. As I pushed my dick into her pussy and she closed her eyes tightly. I could feel that familiar tight feeling of her pussy all over my dick. She started to move her body backwards on my dick. She was actually calling for a very good fuck. She knew what I was capable of. I placed one hand on her waist and the other on her shoulder.

I started to drive slowly into her pussy. Within a few minutes, I was already in full drive. I was pounding into her without any signs of slowing down, with the rhythm of the plane and the idea of the Mile High Club helping in creating a rhythm.

I was quite sure her moans could be heard by some passengers. I however wasn’t planning to stop. There was a special way her pussy gripped my dick like a vice. I wasn’t ready to stop or let that pussy go anytime soon.

I ejected my dick and shoved it back in quite roughly. She screamed on the top of her voice. I smiled to myself. I placed both of my hands on her shoulders. She now had her hands on the wall of the bathroom to keep her balance. I spread her legs open more as I drove deeply into her pussy. It was like I was ripping her pussy apart with my dick. The way she moaned even turned me on more.

My body had gradually started to stiffen up and I knew I couldn’t keep fucking her. I just decided to keep up my pace. She knew I was about to come and begged me to dump my load into her. I timed my climax with one heavy thrust. Only a little of my cum trickled out of her pussy. We both cleaned up our bodies and dressed up.

When we got to our seats, we realized some of the passengers were awake. Some of them even winked at us. I was sure they had heard us. I was however proud that this was a Mile High Club experience we would never forget.