My Raunchy Sex Life in College

My Raunchy Sex Life in College

As a student, I had a lot of challenges during my time in college. It was never easy for me because I never had the financial power and academic prowess of the top students. I just did my best to survive the harsh conditions of college. The simple thing was just that, I realized I had a very good body and I was always stared at and wanted by different male figures.

Therefore, I decided to use the only resource which was freely at my disposal to earn cash and solve other problems. It worked out fine and I was able to complete college successfully.

The first major problem I had in college was financial. I was not financially able to foot my college bill. It was either I paid my tuitions fees or I get kicked out of college. I thought long and hard. Then I decided to be of sexual service to the richest guy in my class. Both of his parents were CEOs and he had a lot of money to spend. I knew it would not be a problem for someone like him to help with my college fees.

I started to talk and be nice to him. He noticed me too. I started wearing some provocative dresses that surely sent wrong ideas into his head. Within a short time, he had approached me and wanted to have sex with me. I agreed, only on one condition — in exchange for cash. He didn’t seem at all disturbed that I needed to collect his cash. In fact, almost all the ladies around him hung around him just for cash. So he was gladly going to give me the cash I wanted regularly.

He invited me over to his place and I put on the most seductive clothing I had in my closet. It showed my whole cleavage and I knew his head would go spinning the moment he set his eyes on me. The journey to his house was met by the eyes of a lot of sexually hungry guys. I ignored them and set off to my target. When he opened the door for me, he almost couldn’t believe his eyes. He was stunned at the beauty that was standing before him. He ushered me into the house and stared at me as I walked in majestically. He led me to his bedroom.

He came up from behind me and placed his hands on my boobs. I smacked his hands away and demanded the money first. He hurriedly handed it over to me and even added some extra cash. I smiled at him and got closer to him. I could see a bulge in his trousers already. I placed my hands on it and started to fondle his dick. I made him feel all the pleasure I had been keeping in store for him.

I placed a soft kiss on his lips and withdrew. I slowly started to undress. He stared at me as pieces of my clothing dropped to the floor. He was dumbfounded. I went over to his bed and started to touch myself. The sight of me touching myself was very fascinating for him. I saw his trousers fall at his feet and he had his dick in his hand. He gently stroked his dick as he looked at my pussy. He came over to me and pulled me by my feet. He dragged me closer to himself and started to stroke his dick even harder. He made me lie on the bed and spread my legs properly before him. After I had taken up a very good position in front of him, he slowly inserted his dick into me. I felt his dick gradually fill me up and expand my pussy.

He started to thrust into me with all his strength. Very soon, his breathing had increased and beads of sweat had formed on his forehead. I moaned to his thrusts and did my best. I wasn’t much of a shouter or screamer. He pushed his dick deeply into me and I obeyed my urge to scream. He kept thrusting into me at a steady pace. Later on, he flipped me into doggy and kept pounding into my pussy. I could feel him start to become irregular in pace. I anticipated his climax. He suddenly pulled his dick out of me and dumped his load of semen on my ass. I felt very satisfied.

He offered me more money after the sex. We had sex a couple of more times and he gave me a lot of cash. I was able to settle my bills and even get some extra things. I was so happy with myself.

My next sexual adventure was my professor. He taught a course which was the toughest for me. I had just failed the course, so I walked into his office and asked what I could do to change the failure. This professor wasn’t a really old man. He was in his early 50s. He looked up at me, laughed and asked me to have sex him.

I stood up from my seat and he felt I was about to leave his office. He watched me in silence as I went towards the door. Instead, I stopped at the door and locked it. When I looked over at him, he was grinning. He knew I had accepted his proposal. He moved over from behind his desk and his trousers fell at his feet. I saw his dick pointing towards me. I wasted no time and I went to suck his dick.

I had his entire shaft in my mouth as I fondled with his balls. I loved the way he moaned and whistled as I gave him a blowjob. I put his balls into my mouth and kept sucking them. As I sucked his balls, I jerked off his penis.

Next, he bent me over his desk, raised my skirt and stuck his dick into my naked pussy. I had made sure to lose my underwear before coming over. As he started to fuck my pussy, I could feel the pleasure from the way my vagina contracted around his dick. I even moved my body backwards sometimes to meet his dick. He was now making noises I couldn’t understand.

He shifted his focus and used my vaginal secretions as lubrication as he stuck his dick into my ass. It entered with some resistance. He didn’t last long fucking my anus as he released his load helplessly into my ass. He went over to his chair and sat down. I adjusted my dress and made sure I had cleaned the semen out of my ass. Then I left his office. The next day, I had passed the course. It was stated that an error was made in uploading my result and I had instead passed it. This professor became my regular sex partner and I never failed his courses again.

One of the most memorable cases was when I sucked the bully in my class to get him off my back. He was constantly disturbing me and being a pain in the ass. I couldn’t fight him off so I decided to use my own personal skill to get him to leave me alone.

On one day, we had both finished one of our classes. As he walked over to me and pushed me over to another class to harass me, I grabbed his crotch. He instantly froze and didn’t move. I unzipped his trouser and brought out his penis. He had a small penis and I was not impressed. I focused on the task at hand though and started to suck his penis.

It was funny as the bully in my class couldn’t even stand my blowjob for long. He was just constantly shaking and shivering as I sent my mouth up and down his cock. I slurped on his cock and spat on it before jerking it off. The way he was moving and shaking his legs made me think he was going to faint. I kept sucking his cock without letting him go. Soon, he released his load into my mouth. I spat it on his dick and jerked him off with it. He almost lost his balance when I let him go. He never disturbed me again after that encounter.

These are only a few of the problems I solved with different types of sex in college. I can basically say that sex was responsible for givine me my college degree.