Lesbian Love for My Hot Stepsister

Lesbian Love for My Hot Stepsister

I’ve always known I was a lesbian, it always comes as a shock to me when I heard gay people say they didn’t find out until they were a certain age. It seems to me that I must have been born with the knowledge. Though I’ve known about my sexuality a long time, none of my friends or even my family knew, until recently. They are sort of orthodox and it would totally freak them out (it actually did when I came out to them, but they got over the initial shock and have accepted me the way I am. God bless them).

The only person who knew about me at that time was my best friend who was a guy. Most people thought we were dating, and in a way I liked the misconception because it made me blend better and keep other guys off my back. The first time I ever had sex was a few years ago with a girl I met on Tinder. I wouldn’t really say I was in love with her, but she was really sexy and we shared a lot of things in common.

We decided to meet at my house, she came looking even better than she did on her photos. We talked for a while then we went upstairs to my bedroom and locked the door, she then held my face tenderly and began kissing me slowly. It was my first kiss, I remember breaking it and telling her shyly that I was a virgin, not just as a lesbian, but period. She held my hand and told me it was okay, that she would do her best to give me the best first time experience, as she had had lesbian sex before.

She gently took off my shirt and bra as I took off hers, she leaned in and kissed me and squeezed my ass softly while our boobs touched. She kissed long and slow until I got really wet and had to rub my thighs together to ease the tension. She noticed this and pushed me to the bed, used her tongue to lick my lips and traced it down to my nipples.

She went further down to my pussy and stuck her tongue deep inside, and began licking my clits violently. In a matter of minutes, i was moaning loudly. I was still lying on my back and breathing fast when my lesbian sex buddy got on top and started kissing me, then she put two fingers into my wet pussy and began fingering me really hard.

I climaxed before I knew what was happening. My lesbian date got down to my pussy again and ate me out hungrily once again, this time she was rougher. I climaxed again and again and again till i couldn’t take it anymore and I begged her to stop. She then lay beside me and took me in her arms and we cuddled till it was time to leave.

After that day we became regular fuck buddies and I got a lot of experience from her and also widened my circle of lesbian friends. But all that time I never really fell in love, until I had a session with my stepsister, who also turned out to be a lesbian.

My dad had died a long time ago and my mom, after a while had gotten married to a man who had a daughter of his own. I didn’t have any objections to the marriage because I wanted my mom to be happy and he was a really great guy. I could tell he was seriously in love with her.

I didn’t meet my stepsister until the day of their wedding. She was flying in from another state where she went to college. From the moment I saw her I felt something I had never felt before, it was like an electric feeling when I watched her step out of the taxi that morning looking like an angel. We were introduced by our parents and she was excited about meeting me. She shook my hand and hugged me, I immediately knew she was also a lesbian.

My gaydar was never ever wrong.

We talked for a little while while and then we left to begin preparations for the wedding. Though we barely had time to hang out with each other, whenever I looked at her, our eyes always met and it made my heart skip a beat. The wedding went smoothly and it was a very special moment I would never forget, we took some really cool photographs before we finally accompanied our parents to the airport for their honeymoon in some country I can’t remember.

The taxi dropped my new stepsister and me at our house and we went in, had dinner and talked about girl things till late in the night. Finally it was time to go to bed and I told her she could share my room if she wanted, and to my delight she agreed. At around 11 PM, we got into bed and talked a bit more and I could feel my skin tingling just by being in the same bed with her.

I was already wet, and in love. At last we said goodnight and went to sleep, I honestly tried to sleep too, but after about an hour I was still tossing on the bed and uncomfortable because of my intense horniness. Her breathing even turned me on and I was helpless. I badly wanted to reach my hand and caress her whole body, her boobs and stick my fingers in her pussy. I wanted to kiss her and know what those pink pretty lips tasted like.

However, I didn’t want to do anything inappropriate, fucking my stepsister wasn’t really something I thought was okay. I eventually made up my mind to close my eyes and sleep when she yawned and tossed a little and her nipple got exposed in the process. I lost my self control and was soon started fingering myself while staring and fantasizing about the nipple. I was so wet and wasn’t even satisfied after the intense fingering I gave myself.

I then decided to take a risk and make a move. I needed her body badly and I wanted her to need me too. I slowly moved over to her and took her nipple between my lips and sucked slowly, but still she slept on. After that I cupped her pretty little face in my hands and kissed her, then she woke up with a startle and was about to say something and I put a finger over her lips and she stayed quiet.

I whispered to her that I would stop only if she didn’t want me to continue. She looked in my eyes, hugged me tight and kissed me back. I couldn’t believe what was happening, it was too good to be true. My sexy stepsister wanted me too!

We kissed passionately and entangled our bodies on the bed for a few minutes before I pinned her down and raised up her nightgown. I kissed her again and slid my hands up her laps till I got to the area around her pussy. I stopped there and slowly massaged the area in circles without breaking my kiss. I could feel her writhing and tensed up under me as she tried to push her hips down to make her pussy come in contact with my hands. I kept torturing her for a while till she begged me to start fingering her pussy. I stuck two fingers into her and she was damn wet. I took out my fingers and licked them, then returned the fingers back into her and started fingering her slowly.

She was loving it and moaning softly and took up her hands to squeeze both my boobs. She caressed them expertly and pinched my nipples till I got very very turned on and took her hands to my pussy. We lay side by side with our legs raised up, fingering each other, moaning and kissing. I felt so great. We kept on doing this till at last I climaxed and lay gasping on the bed while she giggled.

I collected myself and went to my drawer and took out a huge dildo and told her to open her legs, she did so immediately, and I fucked her with it till she came. To my uttermost surprise she went to her backpack and took out a dildo too. We giggled at each other then she came towards me and we fucked each other with the dildos and this time we came just seconds apart. It was an amazing night, we slept naked in each other’s arms. My finger was in her pussy the whole night.

I was sad when she eventually had to return to school the next day, but we still keep in touch and have sex whenever she comes back home for holidays. We don’t know how much longer we can hide our love from our parents. I hope they understand when we tell them.