Fun With the Repair Guy

Fun With The Repair Guy

“I’ve had it with this piece of shit!” I exclaimed kicking the dishwasher. It was a brand new dishwasher, so that probably wasn’t the best idea. But the stupid thing was pissing me off. I’d load it up, put the soap in it, and would run it, like I was supposed to. But for some reason, when it was finished, the water pooled up at the bottom. And it wasn’t clean water. It was all the dirty water that the wash had washed off my dishes. I mean, I washed them still before I put them in. But the water would eventually drain. This time, it had been pooled for two days.

I had told my husband that he needed to fix it, and he said he would. Since I asked him, he hadn’t done it. The water began to smell so bad, I gagged when I opened it. I had enough. I had a messy kitchen full of dirty dishes and a crap dishwasher. If my husband wasn’t going to take the time to fix it, I was going to find a way and he’d have to suck it up.

I grabbed the manual on the counter and flipped to the troubleshooting. After tinkering a bit with it, I still could not fix it. This frustrated me even more. Finally, I had taken the customer service number down and decided to call them.

Thankfully, they were pretty helpful. They had a repair service that would come to your residence and fix your appliances so long as it was within warranty. Thank God. I mean, for what we paid, that stupid thing should work wonders, not be doing what its doing. I spent about a half hour on the phone with the call center person. They said they’d send someone out within two hours. That sounded good enough.

In the meantime, I figured I’d get some relaxation done. It was a nice day outside, so I decided to lay out by the pool and catch some sun. I got into my orange bikini, complete with sunglasses and a mimosa. I hooked up Alexa and began playing some of my favorite tunes. I rubbed some tanning oil over my body. It made my skin so shiny and sleek. I loved that feeling. I was feeling even more relaxed already.

I was just turning over when I heard the doorbell rang. I had forgotten that the repair people were coming. I hurriedly downed my mimosa. Hmm, I may have put too much vodka in it. Then again, is there really such a thing.

I threw on my flip-flops and answered the door. The repair guy was not what I was expecting. I was expecting some older guy, probably with plummer’s crack or something. He was the exact opposite. This man was young, tanned, and had sun-blonde hair. His eyes were bright blue and his smile was sweet.

“Hi, my name is Toby and I’m here to fix your dishwasher. May I come in?” His eyes took me in, as I was still clad in my scanty bikini. My ass cheeks hung out a bit in it. I smiled flirtatiously, turning around, making sure he got a good look.

“Absolutely,” I said, grinning. I glanced behind me and saw him checking out my ass. “Follow me.”

“Gladly,” I could have swore he said, but it was very low. Oh yeah, he wanted me. This bikini does wonders for a woman’s confidence, for sure.

I decided to sit on the counter while he worked. I told him about the issue. He said it was probably having to do with the pipe under the sink. I climbed under my sink, to see what he was talking about. My ass may have been sticking out.

“Sorry, is my ass in your face?” I asked, looking behind me, smiling.

He blushed. “Yeah, but it’s okay. I kind of like the view, honestly.”

I sat back on the floor next to him. “Oh, do you?” I asked playfully.

He smirked. “Well it is a nice ass, I must say.”

I leaned in close to him. “Would you like a better look? I hear it looks way better under the bikini,” I teased.

He raised his eyebrows. “Are you serious?”

“As a heart attack,” I replied, running my hand down his chest, pushing him back on the kitchen floor. I pulled his shirt off and ran my hands all over his chest. He was toned, and it showed. His abs were visible. I traced my finger around them and lowered my lips. Slowly, I kissed over the areas of skin I had traced. I kissed the skin, then swirled my tongue in a couple places. I could feel his erection rising in his pants.

Teasing him, I kissed right above his belt and inserted my finger, right on the edge, dragging it on the inner waistband. I grinned at him and sat back. Taking one hand behind my back, I untied my bikini top and pulled it off, letting my tits fall out. His hands reached up to find them, softly touching them. He was enthralled with the show I was putting on for him and let me take full control.

I leaned over him and got close to his body, dragging my tits up his torso, and kissing his neck. He moaned a little and wrapped his arms around my naked back. I could feel him hard against me now. So I made my way back down to his belt, letting my long hair fall around my shoulders.

I released his dick from its cage and took it full into my mouth. He groaned at the sensation of my tongue against his dick. I moaned with him in my mouth, gagging down at the base, feeling his dick deep in my throat. He thrusted his hips into my mouth, causing me to gag more. I wrapped my tongue around the head and sucked the very tip, flicking it over his large head. I used my hand to grab the base of his cock, sliding it up and down as he moaned and bucked his hips. I sucked him for a few minutes, before releasing his dick.

I removed my bottoms, now completely naked in front of this repair guy. He massaged his dick, with his eyes locked on me, probably wondering what I was about to do next.

“So you like my ass, do you?” I asked seductively.

He nodded. “Very much he said.”

“Good. I’m going to give you a front row seat to it then,” I said, mounting him in reverse cowgirl style.

His hands reached up to my hips as I began to glide into his dick, feeling it fill me. I moaned as I bounced faster, picking up speed. His hands helped lift up my hips as I rode his dick, moaning hard. We grinded into each other, feeling every inch of ecstasy.

He put his finger inside my asshole, having wet it with his own saliva. I gasped and moaned and rode him faster, building up my orgasm. I circled my hips, making sure he felt every wall inside me and I every inch of him. I could feel his fingernails in my hips as he gripped me harder, lifting me up and slamming his dick inside me. His dick kept hitting my g-spot, causing me to weaken. Over and over again, he slid it in and out, each time wetter than the next.

His finger was swirling inside my tight asshole. The sensations were overtaking. I was going to cum. I rose my hips up and broke all over him, breathing hard. He continued slamming me up and down on his dick, moaning. He was almost there.

I twerked my ass on him, shaking it in his face as he dipped his finger in and out. He rubbed around the rim of my asshole. He slowed his thrusting, until I felt him freeze and release into me, coming to a sweet climax. He slowed his pace and held me there for a moment while he finished. I felt his hot liquid release into me, while it slid down the both of us.

I got up off of him and grabbed my kitchen hand towel, cleaning myself up. I tossed it down to him to do the same and he began re-dressing himself.

“Well, that was fun,” I said, still standing naked in the kitchen.

“Yes it was,” He agreed, laughing. “But I still have to fix your dishwasher.”

“Yes you do,” I said laughing. “I’m going to go take a shower,” I said. “If you’re finished before I come out, you can just leave.”

I headed upstairs to my shower. As I turned on the water, a smile played across my lips. Hmm, maybe next time my husband will listen when I ask him to fix something.