An Unforgettable First Ever One Night Stand

An Unforgettable First Ever One Night Stand

I had stayed indoors all day and was terribly bored from the lack of activity. School was on break so all I did was Netflix and play video games all day. My girlfriend from college stayed in an entirely different city and had gone home to spend the holidays with her family.

I had an apartment to myself so I decided to stay back and have some fun without her during the break, but it turned out the break was even more boring than I had anticipated. I tried to meet new friends but it seemed the town had emptied itself out.

One night, I went to a bar close to my apartment to hang out with some of my buddies who were still around, little did I know that this would produce the best one night stand of all-time. After we had taken a couple of drinks, one of them mentioned a party that was happening at a club close to my apartment that night. They unanimously agreed to go and dragged me with them. When we got to the venue of the party, there was a huge bouncer at the door of the club who was granting entry to only people who had passes for the party.

My buddies came together and decided we were going to distract the bouncer and make him leave his post. We were about seven in total so two of them began to quarrel loudly to draw the bouncer’s attention, when it seemed the quarrel was getting out of hand the bouncer came running to separate them from each other. The remaining five of us slipped in and grabbed two passes which we slipped to them from one of the club’s windows.

They tendered their passes and got into the party. There were a lot of girls there but since I wasn’t particularly in a one night stand or in any mood to socialize, I sat in a corner and just watched every other person have fun. At last, a girl walked up and took the seat beside me, but I didn’t notice much about her since I was bored and that one night stand was still not on my mind. She said “hi” and we got to talking.

Talking with her raised my spirit a lot and soon I was my normal jovial self. She pulled me over to the dance floor. Soon, we left the party, strolled a bit and she snuggled up to me because of the cold. This is probably where I realised that I was going to do it, I was going to have a one night stand.

As if we’d rehearsed the act, we turned to face each other at the exact same time and kissed deeply. We began to grope at each other’s bodies in the dark night; she rubbed on my dick through my trousers while I put my hand up her shirt and grabbed her boobs.

I suggested we go to my apartment which was nearby and she agreed – she was clearly interested in a one night stand as well. Right after we got there, she began to take off her clothes while I tore mine off as well. We continued the kiss we had broken off earlier as she pushed me back against the couch. She removed my boxers and began to suck my dick blowing air softly on areas she had sucked making my dick rise with immediate effect. When my dick was fully erect, she began to knead my balls softly in her hands sending a wave of pleasure through my body. She licked every inch of my dick pulling on my pubic hair lightly with her teeth as I drew her head closer in response.

I held her head and began to fuck her mouth as she choked on it with each thrust. Her cold saliva was having a very soothing effect on my body as I continued to fuck her mouth. I came in her mouth and she swallowed some and spat the rest on my dick using it as a form of lubricant while stroking my shaft. The motion of her hands on my dick began to generate so much heat that I felt like I was going to cum a second time.

While she lay on her back, I began to eat her out. I inserted two fingers into her pussy and began to finger-fuck her while my other hand stretched upwards to idly play with her boobs. I kneaded her nipples between my fingers and pinched them lightly. Her body arched slightly against the floor in response. As I finger-fucked her, her vaginal secretions began to flow so I placed my mouth on her pussy and began to suck it up. She was moaning loudly now and I had to maintain a firm grip on her hips to make her stay down.

I re-inserted my fingers and continued to slide in and out until she climaxed and lay still — I was determined to make her remember this one night stand. We moved from the floor to the bed and I gave her some time to gather her strength. After she had rested for a while, I spread her legs and penetrated her wet pussy with my erect dick. As I entered, she moaned loudly and pulled on my hair. I started sliding in and out gradually before picking up pace and smashing into her.

As I increased my pace, she gripped the bedspreads to maintain her balance as the entire bed shook in protest. I continued to hit with a steady rhythm with no sign of an orgasm in view. I flipped her over and positioned her doggy style on the bed parting her legs slightly to insert my dick into her pussy. Just before inserting, I rubbed her red swollen clitoris drawing loud moans from her and spat on my hand, rubbing the saliva on her pussy to relieve the soreness she might have been experiencing.

With the new lubrication, I thrust into her pussy in one swift movement from behind and began to slam while holding her ass steady to prevent it from shaking. Her face was buried in the bed muffling her cries and screams. As I fucked her from behind, her asshole looked so nice that I was tempted to fuck her anally.

I fucked her until she came a second time and shortly after, I had my orgasm too — this one night stand had gotten better and better. We had a bath together and as she washed my chest with the soap down to my groin, my dick hardened again. She sat on the tub’s edge while I slid in from the front. Since there was still soap all over our bodies, I slid in very smoothly into her pussy and pounded her for a while. The sight of her nice-looking and tight ass hole kept coming to mind as I slammed from the front. I asked if she had ever had anal sex and she replied in the affirmative. It was even her favourite type of sex. I didn’t have to be told twice before I turned her around and slid in albeit difficultly with my slippery dick.

I began to pound her anally. It was crazily warm and her hole gripped my dick so firmly I felt I was going to die from the pleasure. She moved her ass to meet my every thrust and I increased my pace drastically. After we both climaxed, we showered and retired to the bed to sleep off the exhaustion.

I woke very early in the morning to warm lips working on the tip of my manhood. It felt like it was being massaged with the kinks being worked out. My dick came to life immediately and struggled to be released from the confines of my boxers. I pulled down the boxers totally and she began to suck on it with so much determination, she tended it carefully, kissing every inch down to the balls and then taking the entire length into her mouth causing her to choke. When she had sucked for a long time, I came and pulled down her panties, rubbing her clitoris until I felt it become swollen and she trembled with desire.

I spread her legs and inserted my engorged manhood into her already wet pussy and began to pulse in and out. We fucked until we were exhausted and fell asleep again.

I woke up to the sun coming in through the window blinds and slowly remembered the events preceding this morning. I looked to the other side of the bed, and somehow I knew she wouldn’t be there, I knew this was just a one night stand for her.

She had set the pillows in position and straightened the bedspread. I went into the living room to see if she might be taking coffee or something but the entire house was quiet. I saw a note on the table that read “thanks for last night”. That night was the last I ever saw of her.