An Affair To Remember With My Family Maid

An Affair To Remember With My Family Maid

My parents were pretty wealthy growing up. They worked in the government, so we had an enormous house with more space than we knew what to do with. That kind of wealth at a young age can be a little overwhelming.

I was sent to the best schools. Boarding school was a favourite. I hadn’t been home in about a year, so I was coming home to see my family. My mother and father were ecstatic to see me. I was around 18 at the time.

They showed me new additions and improvements they made in our house. They created a game room for me, with all the latest in technology, flat screen TVs, air hockey table, and other cool things a guy like me would enjoy.

My bedroom had been revamped as well. Posters of bands I liked lined the room. I was surprised to see that, because honestly, I didn’t think my parents knew much about me. But I guess that’s pretty much how a wealthy family works. They’re so focused on making money and working, that the children get pretty much shoved off to the side. But seeing the effort that they put into designing these rooms for me, they had to have done their research.

When I mentioned this to them, they laughed and shook their heads. “No darling,” my mother had said, “we didn’t design it. Clara did. She researched your social media to find what you were into and directed the interior designers based on what she saw.”

Ah, yes. Clara. Clara was our housekeeper/maid. She had been around my family since I was 12 years old. She did an excellent job of keeping our house in tip-top shape. She used to sneak me cookies in the evening. She and I were close.

When she first started working with us, she was very young. Around 18 or 19. Now, she was in her mid 20s. It’s crazy how time flies.

I set off in the house to go find Clara. I should have known that she was the one behind the designs. As if my parents really had time to research into me and implement it.

I found Clara directing our chef in the kitchen. My parents had organized a big welcome-home bash for me, and decided to make an event of it. Clara was going over the details of the meal with our chef, Maurice.

I patiently waited for her to finish with Maurice. She hadn’t noticed me yet. She turned around and her eyes grew wide. “Colton!” she exclaimed. She threw her arms around me. “I didn’t know you had gotten in so soon!”

“I did,” I said. “Mom and Dad showed me the rooms that you had designed for me. They’re breathtaking, really. You did a fantastic job.”

She blushed. “Well, thank you. I worked really hard on it. I’m so happy you like it. It’s so great to have you home!”

I nodded. “It’s good to be back.”

My housekeeper gently put her hand to my cheek. “You left a boy, and came back all grown up and handsome,” she murmured.

“Well thanks. It’s nice to be grown up these days.”

She laughed. “Well, hopefully we’ll have a chance to talk later, but I’ve got to get on this meal for your party.

“I understand,” I said. “Thank you again.”

She bowed and resumed her menu planning. I retreated from the kitchen, thinking about Clara. She had been my best friend for three years. She knew everything, talked to me about whatever I wanted, and just had a genuinely great personality. But I had been a teenager. Now, I was an adult. A younger adult, but an adult nonetheless.

The “party” my parents had organized wasn’t really much of a party, as it was a schmoozefest. My father invited all the big wigs to the event, so there were many important people there more, most of whom didn’t even know my name.

I found myself turning in early for the evening, telling my parents that I was going to bed. When I arrived in my room, I found Clara, putting away my luggage and things, doing the kind of things that maids do.

“Hey Clara, you don’t have to do that,” I protested. I hated when she would do little things for me. It made me feel so…as if I thought I was above her. I just simply didn’t feel that way. Sometime she and my parents would get into little arguments, or if she made a mistake, but I just never saw her that way.

My housekeeper smiled and shut the drawer. “Oh, it’s no biggie. I figured you might be somewhat jet-lagged from the trip in spite of the party, and this is after all my job as the maid.”

I plopped down on the bed. “Yes, you have got that right. Lay with me,” I said, patting the spot next to me.

She stared at it uncertainly. I rolled my eyes. “Clara, come on we’re both adults.”

“Of course, of course,” she said quickly. She laid her head next to mine and started asking me about my life and what was new in it.

My eyes fluttered open some time later. Clara and I had fallen asleep in the midst of our conversation. She was still asleep, breathing softly, looking as beautiful as ever. I switched off the lamp that lit the room. She snuggled close to me, her head on my shoulder. I almost jumped as I felt her hand rub my chest.

It felt good to feel her against me. Even though I had always had a small crush on her, she never had done anything to show she had feelings for me, being as I was young and all. But here, now that I was of age, she just seemed, bolder. I felt her lift her body over me, still rubbing my chest. Her hands went up my shirt, fingers playing in a bit of chest hair. I closed my eyes as she kissed my chest, then the roughness of my cheeks. Her soft lips played with mine as I brushed my hand through her hair, pulling her into me.

I felt my dick stiffen against my leg, with Clara’s beautiful body pressed up against me. My hands went up her back, fondling the back of her bra. I struggled for a moment, trying to release it, but then accomplished my task. She sat up, both her arms up in the air, begging me to release her of her garments. I obliged, and sucked on her beautiful breasts, just breathing her scent into me. She rolled her hips against my erection, making me stiffer and more horny than I already was. I quickly grabbed her by her wrists and flipped her over onto the side of me. It was now I who was in control.

My hands pinned her wrists to the mattress and she breathed heavily. I tried to read her body movements. They told me that she was nervous and exhilarated at the same time. I wanted to prove to her that I wasn’t just the teenage boy she helped take care. I was a man. A man, that was going to take care of her tonight, and fulfill all her sexual needs.

Our hands pawed at each other, our lips graced every piece of naked flesh on each other. Her mouth felt like ribbons wrapped around my dick, and her pussy was like sweet wine, ever flowing in my mouth. Her body shook with pleasure when she came, and I kept her coming. She moaned with every sweet movement, and my dick throbbed with excitement every time she panted and yelped, while I pounded her. She rubbed her pussy on my face, wettening everything. She circled her hips as I munched on her clit, tonguing her inside every so often. My dick pulsed every time she rocked her clit on my tongue, fucking my face.

I shot my fingers up through her pussy, playing with her g-spot like a fiddle. Her breasts heaved up and down as she reach climax. I sucked her cum off my fingers. She tasted fucking delicious. When she was all good and moist, I took my dick and pressed into her opening, filling her with my stiff member. She moaned against my neck as she tightened her arms around my neck, bring her hips up into mine. I moved into her and she against me, rocking our bodies in sync. I grunted as she circled her hips against my hard dick, giving me a sense of pleasure I had not felt before. She was so hot.

I wanted to fill her with my seed and keep her cumming, over and over again. My dick throbbed with pleasure as it seeped in and out of her hot pussy. The friction was overtaking. I felt myself buckle under the pleasure. I knew I was gonna cum soon, so I pounded and thrusted faster and harder, until she screamed aloud, causing my dick to erupt inside her, shooting into her pussy, the both of us breathing heavily into the night.

Finally, my fantasy had come true. From that point on, Clara and I carried on our secret affair, behind my parents’ back. Every so often, we’d sneak away in the mansion, having hot encounters in various places of the house. And we were never caught.