After Being Stood-up for Drinks, I End Up Having Sex with a Stranger

After Being Stood-up for Drinks, I End Up Having Sex with a Stranger

I was supposed to meet this cute guy from work tonight. We had agreed to meet at 9pm and trying to be “fashionably” late, I arrived around five minutes past. I had a single aim in mind, have a few drinks and end up in either his apartment or mine. I had been crushing on him for a while now and managed to stylishly wriggle a date out of him even though it was an informal one for just drinks.

I expected to find him waiting at the bar, where we could have some drinks, but when I entered and looked around, there was no sign of him there. I began to think of the various reasons he might not have been able to make it down tonight; from forgetting to sleeping to even weirder thoughts like an accident.

To confirm my suspicions, I sent him a text and waited for him to reply. In the meantime, I bought myself a drink and sipped slowly watching my phone like a hawk for any new incoming text notification. My phone beeped and I lunged for it on the bar beside me, it was just one of my friends asking to borrow something. I was too disappointed to even reply to her.

After waiting about 2 hours without any reply from him, I was about to pay for my drinks and leave, realizing the bitter truth that I had been stood-up, when a deep voice behind me whispered “the gentleman always pays”. I spun around and took in a dark, handsome guy with a well-trimmed beard and bushy eyebrows. Eyebrows were a fetish of mine so they were one of the first things I usually noticed.

He claimed he had been watching me for a while and it seemed I had been waiting for someone who chose not to show up. I downplayed it, claiming it was nothing and he offered to buy me a couple of drinks. I said OK and we sat at the bar until one or two drinks turned into several and I began to feel tipsy. I had been trying to avoid getting tipsy because I was known to do daring things, but he had been so much fun talking to that I hadn’t even noticed how many I had.

At a point when he wanted to order more drinks and turned around, his knee bumped into mine and I felt bolts of electricity shoot up my legs. As he turned back around to face me and make a joke, I put my hand on his lap and rubbed slowly upwards towards his groin region. He looked at me questioningly and I met his piercing gaze with a suggestive one. He paid our tab and he led the way to his car since I had come in a cab.

We got into the back seat and I began to fumble with his trousers feeling his dick getting erect underneath. He removed my unsteady hands and pulled down his trousers and boxers to expose his semi-erect dick. I spat on my hands and rubbed up and down on his dick with my slippery hands feeling his dick harden between my hands. He pulled off his trousers and underwear completely to allow me more freedom and I began to suck his dick gently wrapping my tongue around the cap in a manner I knew from experience would arouse any guy.

He responded positively to the wrapping of my tongue by groaning slightly and sticking his dick into the back of my throat making me choke. I pulled the skin of his shaft lightly with my teeth and bit on it before going on to cradle his balls in one hand. I shifted attention from his dick to his balls and took them in my mouth sucking on them. His balls were large ones and filled my mouth leaving no space at all.

I began to chew on them lightly while still in my mouth causing his groans to increase sporadically. His dick was already pulsing in my hands as he was completely erect and hurting. We moved to the front of the car and he started driving to his place while I continued to suck on his dick. On the way, we had a scare when a cop pulled us over for a routine check. Since it was too late to put on his trousers as the cop was rapidly approaching, he put his fully erect dick in between his legs and spread his trousers over his legs to look like he had it on. The cop came and shone his light around a bit before bidding us a good night.

For the rest of the drive to his place, we were careful not to do anything to draw unnecessary attention to ourselves. On getting to his place, he put on his trousers and we ran up the stairs to his apartment like a bunch of sex-starved teenagers. He opened the door and we kissed all the way to his couch. He removed his trousers and flung it in a corner alongside his shirt while I pulled off my shirt and unhooked my bra. He went down on his knees and started working on my jeans buckle with hands that vibrated with desire.

He pulled off my jeans and panties and they followed the same direction his own clothes had flown. He soon pushed me back on the couch, parted my legs and began to pound into me. His thrusts were timed perfectly and he held my waist to make me move in rhythm with him. As he slammed into me, I threw my head back and dug my finger nails into his shoulder blades. I felt my juices begin to flow freely as he continued to slam into me vigorously.

He carried me to the floor and positioned me for scissors style. I had had sex in scissors style once so I understood the position. As he slammed into me, he closed and opened my legs intermittently driving me crazy with the sensations that were gushing through my body. His strokes were precise and perfectly directed as though to the core of my womanhood. I felt like his dick was extending to my brain and left a pleasant tingling in my body.

He switched to doggy style and began to fuck my brains out. He attacked my pussy savagely from behind pulsing in and out with so much vigor I screamed for him not to stop. He gripped my waist firmly and continued to pound like a pile driver while my boobs jiggled from the effect of the force that was ramming my body from behind. After he had pounded from behind for a while, he lay on the floor while I got astride him. I began to ride cowgirl style increasing tempo as he held my waist and met me with his thrusts from underneath.

After I climaxed, he switched back to missionary and we fucked until he had his orgasm too before sleeping off in each other’s arms. The following morning, I woke early and slipped out of his bed gently to not wake him up, packed up my things and left for my apartment in a cab. I got to work late and had barely settled down when the guy I had been supposed to meet up with the previous night walked up to me and began to apologize profusely. He claimed he had slept off and misplaced his phone. He offered to take me out that night instead. I politely declined as I had every intention of going back to that bar to see if I would meet the guy from the previous night again.

After work, I went back home and waited until it was quite late before heading to the bar. He was sitting in the same seat he had sat beside me the previous night. He looked up as I came in and smiled warmly before ordering drinks for me. I apologized for leaving his house earlier that morning, to which he laughed. He joked that if I hadn’t left the way I did, I might have ended up not leaving at all for the rest of the day.

We talked about personal stuff and he told me about work and family and other things, before we ended up in my apartment and had mind-blowing sex until the following morning. We continued to meet up for sex until we began to date and he moved in with me.